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So finished installing internet and wi-fi in our little marina this weekend with the owner. Went ahead and picked up this camera to give it a try and WOW... It is my new favorite toy. Love it and seems to work perfectly. I have compelte control with my phone and built in DVR function with motion tracking. For $39.99 you can't go wrong...

yes you can zoom in, that is all the way out. It is pretty cool.
How are you powering it?
It says 12V DC. Where are you getting power for it?
According to what I just read about the camera, it has a power adapter that needs to be plugged into 120vac. It has a battery back up for a brief period. It's either wifi or SD card. For wifi it will connect to a hot spot on a cellphone etc.
Makes me wonder why the marina's would not set these up all over the place if they are so cheap.
There are the ones linked in the OP, Foscam, Wyze, etc. Many to choose from with different feature levels.

I use Wyze on the boat, I have a MicroSD card plugged in them and get 24/7 recording for up to 14 days. I can log in via the app on my cell phone at any time, get motion notifications and can do playback all from my cell phone.

Two cameras setup on the boat for under $100...chump change in the grand scheme of things. Spend a few bucks and see what works best for your setup.
I have a canary onboard that I’d say is just ok, I need to check these out

I’d like to stick one in the bilge too, something comforting about being able to make sure it’s dry down there once in a while
Makes me wonder why the marina's would not set these up all over the place if they are so cheap.

The cameras would record when someone bring’s their girlfriend, and the wife’s divorce attorneys’ would subpoena the Marina owners.
That’s what my marina owner tells me anyway.
Yes it requires power, no subscription, app for apple or android. This is mounted on a light pole where I installed an outlet to plug it into.
I tried one similar to the cam mentioned originally in this thread. I had some weird experiences with it. I remember when I set it up I had to use some code that "identified" the cam to access it in the app. After I set it up and tried to access it I was seeing someone elses cam, could control it, everything. Sometimes I got my cam. I promptly stuffed it back in the box and returned it.

I use the Blink cams from Amazon. They aren't P/T/Z, but they are battery powered, IR at night, two-way audio, waterproof and motion activation which makes them super versatile. I have one on the dock to monitor her in high-winds and then put one in the cabin in case someone enters.
Ive been looking at the Blink cams. Which ones did you use specifically? I was thinking to leave an old iPhone on the boat to use as a wifi hotspot for internet. Any images you could share to give an idea of quality? Also do you get motion triggers with the boat moving in the slip?
Love the wifi camera option. Help me understand how the connection works. Do you link the camera to the marina WI-FI and then you can view the boat using cell service or wifi at home?

Or does the camera and phone need to be on the same Wi-Fi source?

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