Dinghy is in way of my ladder on swim platform

Jean P Holz

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Apr 7, 2020
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460 Sea Ray Sundancer 2003
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Does anyone have a solution for how we can get up on our swim platform when our Dinghy is mounted on the back of our 460 sea ray Sundancer, which when mounted, sits directly on top of the ladder? This blocks our ability to use the built in ladder. Wondering if anyone has come up with solution.
Yes- buy an additional swim ladder that mounts underneath the platform.
On mine I had to add two small mounting pads to the underneath of platform that lowered the ladder mounts down slightly so it would slide under the lip of the platform.
I think your only options are to remove the dingy when you want to use the swim ladder, or install a secondary under mount ladder in a clear space. I had the same issue and removed the dinghy when we wanted to swim (every time we went out).
I also have to take the dinghy down, but if we are stopping to anchor, the dinghy goes in the water anyway so no big deal.

I do like the idea of ladders at the corner of the platform though. I would still take the dinghy down, but it might be handy to be able to have the ladder readily accessible for a man-overboard situation.
Have been thinking about this scenario for a while and just recently came across this in a friends boat. Any thoughts on this product that installs in the platform and can be deployed in an emergency where the dinghy is blocking access to the built in ladder.

Osculati Emergency Ladder https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D2LAB3K?ref_=cm_sw_r_apin_dp_29DWP7V746NN63DJ55C1
That’s a good solution for an emergency. Rope ladders are tough to climb and with a narrow attachment point it will want to spin while climbing but for an emergency it should get the job done.
That would be a massive hole for a backup/emergency use unit. That would be a hard pass for me...
This is what it looks like on a friends boat. Not really concerned about the hole.
Thanks this is a great topic. Being in the frigid water of Lake Michigan our boat as well offers no boarding with the Dinghy attached. We have tried the rope ladders on our dinghy and it was not a practical solution. I stand firmly with " Necessity is the Mother of Invention".

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