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    CSR Forum Rules

    Bad Words
    Posts that are profane, vulgar, or contain certain sexually explicit or oriented wording are not allowed. This is a family oriented forum so do not post anything you would not say in front of or discuss with your spouse or 6 year old child.

    Unsuitable Photos
    Photos or links to sites containing photos or videos that contain nudity, pornographic, or macabre material or images are not allowed.

    Personal Attacks
    Posts that are threatening, abusive, slanderous, hateful, mocking or considered “flaming” are not allowed.

    Handling Disagreements
    Due to the nature of forums, there are sometimes disagreements between members. Should they occur, you are expected to handle them courteously and professionally and without resorting to personal attacks, name calling or retaliation.

    Posting Private Information
    Posting yours or another member’s private contact information (phone numbers, addresses, email address, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

    No Advertising/ No Solicitation
    Members sharing sources for various products and services is permissible. However, do not register on this forum for the purpose of posting an ad for your business, your email address or a link to your website or for any type of solicitation. You may not advertise any product or service without the express consent of the forum Administrator. (email: support@clubsearay.com)

    Limit Photos Sizes
    Extremely large photos use up valuable resources and bandwidth, as well as making it difficult to view the site without unnecessary side to side scrolling. Therefore, please reduce all photos you post to no larger than 640 X 480 pixels.

    Topic Subjects
    ClubSeaRay.com is the online gathering place of Sea Ray owners around the world. Please use our interactive discussion forums to share ideas, meet fellow Sea Ray owners, learn about your boat, find Sea Rays for sale, and just to have fun. This however, is not an appropriate forum for debates on taxation, politics, gun control, and other non-boating subjects.

    Stay On Topic
    Please try to stay on topic and please try to return discussions to the original topic when they stray.
    This is a brand specific forum that contains many discussions of a detailed and precise nature about specific models, problems, fixes, etc. Deviating from the topic defeats a very valuable resource for all members, the “Search” function. For example, if a topic on open water cruising deviates to a discussion about how to read a radar unit, then future searches for “radar use” will not find that discussion. If you need to deviate off a topic to ask something, by all means, please ask your question, but do it under a new topic with an accurate title so other members using the search function can find it in the future.

    Help Us Help You
    Please take the time to complete the location information in your profile and to add a signature to it that gives the year and model of your boat as well as the engine, and transmission or drive type. All of that information is critical to getting you the correct answers to your questions.
    For example, unless we have your location, we don’t know if you are in salt water or fresh water, if you deal with freezing temperatures or not, if you must haul out for the winter, etc. Just knowing you have a 30’ Sea Ray is useless without the year since the company has offered several different 30 ft boats. Knowing you have a Mercruiser outdrive is nice, but not nearly as useful as knowing if you are working on a pre-Alpha (which one?) an Alpha (which one?), a TRS, a Black Hawk, a Bravo, or a Bravo III. They are all different and what works on one may not work on another.

    Remedies and Repercussions
    The forum administrator or moderators will remove, edit, move, or close any thread at any time as they see fit for violating these rules. Please respect the decisions of the administrator and moderators in enforcing the forum rules. Continued violation of the forum rules can result in your IP address being blocked and your being banned form the forum.
    If you feel a post violates any of the rules, please use the reporting mechanism within that area of the site to notify the moderators.

    Infraction System
    When a rule is broken the user will be given an infraction. The infraction will include a PM to the user to let them know what rule they broke. Infraction levels are as follows:
    1. Spamming - 5 Points
    2. Signature Violation Rules - 5 Points
    3. Insulting Other Members - 10 Points
    4. Inappropriate Language - 10 Points
    5. Other - Up to moderators Discretion
    6. Arguing with moderator or questioning Infraction System - 10 Points

    All infractions will expire in 10 days. So if you broke a rule and got an infraction it will expire in 10 days. During those 10 days you will have a red icon in the lower right corner of your signature. If a user accrues 30 infraction points in a 10 day period their forum privileges will be suspended until enough infractions have expired to get your points below 30.

    Infractions are automatically given as part of the "editing" process. If you make a post that requires editing by the moderators infraction points will be assigned.
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