CSR Rendezvous 2009 – Atlantic City NJ

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Nov 14, 2006
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2005 420DB with AB 11 DLX Tender, Raymarine Electronics (2x12" MFDs) with Vesper AIS
Cummins 450Cs, 9KW Onan Generator, 40HP Yamaha for tender.
Quick scan of this thread reveals the following likely attendees:

The event is scheduled for July 4th 2009 weekend.
1. Ron, Lilly and Kristen ("Lil' Krissy III", 1989 340DB) - Cruise Director, cruising speed ~19MPH
2. Alex & Jelena, Paul & Olga ("Boat A Bing", 2004 320DA) - 4 adults, cruising speed ~24MPH
3. Dominic & Linda ("One Sweet Day", 410DA) - 2 adults,
4. James, Barbara, Shelby(14), James(14) (Sto-a-way, '99 420AC) - 2 adults & 2 kids,
5. Rudy ("My Summer"),
6. Gary, Susie, John, Chris, Timmy + 2 dogs Soren & Lou ("Four Suns", 2003 480DB),
7. Stan ("GLORY DAZE", 480DA),
8. Frank C ("Just Ducky", 1999 330DA),
9. Doug ("General Lee", '97 Larson 270),
10. Mike ("Katina Elena", 280DA),
11. Bob & Lynn ("Gale Winds", 2006 380DA) - 2 adults,
12. Rich & Roe, Troy (11), Nick(14) - ("Titan", 2005 340DA) - 2 adults & 2 kids,
13. Frank & Karen ("ImpulseIII", 2001 410DA),
14. Eric ("Kinship ", 1999 330DA),
15. mthor captain Mark ("Southern Cross", 2005 420DA),
16. Greg ("Lady TAZ", 2000 340DA) - 2 adults and 3 kids (5, 5 and 10), Upgraded to 480DB.
17. Gerry ("Dolce Vita", 2004 280),
18. Vince ("Ryker Bella", 2006 320) - 2 Adults and 2 kids (11,8),
19. Rick & Robin ("For Play", 2001 410DA) - 2 Adults,
20. Jon, Elizabeth, Emma(9), Caroline(9), Andrew(6) - ("Corona del Mar", 1995 370 Sundancer) - 2 adults & 3 kids,
21. Rod, Nancy, kids - Amy, Kelly and Ryllie ("Nansea", 2001 340 Sundancer) - 2 adults & 3 kids,
22. Ed ("A Little Bit Moor", 400DA),

List of boats travelling as part either Team ICW or Team Ocean:
1. Dominic ("One Sweet Day", 410DA), cruising speed ~21KTS - Team ICW (lead boat)
2. Ron ("Lil' Krissy III", 1989 340DB), cruising speed ~19MPH, - Team ICW
3. Alex ("Boat A Bing", 2004 320DA), cruising speed ~21KTS - Team ICW
4. JamesV (Sto-a-way, '99 420AC), - Team ICW
5. Rudy ("My Summer"), - Team ICW
6. Eric ("Kinship ", 1999 330DA), - Team ICW
7. Frank C ("Just Ducky", 1999 330DA), cruising speed ~21KTS - Team ICW
8. Jon ("Corona del Mar", 1995 370 Sundancer), - Team ICW
9. Frank H ("ImpulseIII", 2001 410DA), - Team ICW
10. Mike ("Katina Elena", 280DA), cruising speed ~27MPH - Team ICW
11. Bob ("Gale Winds", 2006 380DA), cruising speed ~21KTS - Team ICW
12. Rich ("Titan", 2005 340DA), cruising speed ~21KTS - Team ICW
13. Vince ("Ryker Bella", 2006 320), - TBD
14. Rod ("Nansea", 2001 340 Sundancer), cruising speed ~21KTS - Team ICW
15. Greg ("Lady TAZ", 480DB), cruising speed TBD - Team Ocean

Table Of the Gods
1. Dominic - One Sweet Day - sauseech + brownies
2. Bob - Gale Winds - Zuchini squares + cookies
3. Ron - Lil' Krissy III - Pasta salad + canoli
4. Mike Turtle Tone - Katina Elena - Southwestern corn (ie: ethanol)
5. Rod - Nansea -Pan seared tuna + plastic table
6. Rich L - Titan - chicken fingers + cookies
7. Frank H - Impulse III - pulled pork BBQ
8. James - Sto-a-way - mini Reuben sandwiches
9. Rick - For Play - BBQ Pork Sandwiches
10. Greg - Lady Taz - Tuna Stuffed Peppers, Buffalo wings, Tater salad, Banana cream pie, some tables
11. Alex F - Boat a Bing - smoked salmon h'ordouvres, tomatoe and fresh mozzarella, house salad, grilled chicken, apple pie.
12. Eric W - Kinship - bruschetta + 80 mini patriotic cupcakes
13. Doug - General Lee - chips and salsa + dessert
14. Gary - Four Suns - a crabcake + books
15. FrankC - Just Ducky -Garlic roasted chicken pieces + a home baked cookie
16. Ed M - A Little Bit More - Ham and Cream Cheese Pinwheels - At'sa spicey meat-a-ball and sauseecha, tater salad + Death by Chocolate
17. Mark - Southern Cross - shrimp, antipasto and some sweets.
18. Jon - Corona Del Mar - chicken salad, focaccia bread + chocolate chocolate chip cake
19. Stan - GLORY DAZE - sangria for the crowd, both white and red.
20. Rudy V - My Summer - quiche + dessert.

Below are the images showing meeting place for our convoy July 3rd at 9:30AM

Don't forget that Farley monitors VHF channels 16 and 65. Contact them via VHF for your slip assignment as you arrive! Hail on 65 first.


Additional Participants: Please call on your own to Fairly State Marina to make/confirm your reservation and mention that you’re part of the ClubSeaRay event for that weekend.

P.S. Docks layout is on post #56.


Alex edited: Moved the list of participants up, so it's easier to read.

I guess, the best way to ease the pain of waiting for new boating season is to think about and plan the new trips, rendezvous and raftups. In one of the threads we touched the subject of Atlantic City and I was thinking that this could be a very good spot for CSR Rendezvous for NY/NJ area folks (Staten Isl. and Long Isl. folks are also regular visitors to AC), especially for those who would like to but can’t (due to distance or whatever reason) make the BIH Rendezvous. To my knowledge AC has the best variety of entertainment in the area. Fairly State Marina (AKA Trump Marina) is very nice and has all amenities one desires.

After making my first run to AC on my 240DA we loved the place and everything about the trip. Since then, we always make at least one long weekend trip to AC during the boating season. I think this trip can provide great opportunity for local boaters to travel as a group, which can include any size boat and even newbie. For those with smaller boats and whoever need more comfortable ride ICW is right there from Barnegat Bay to AC, you don’t get to feel the motion of the ocean at all. And of course for experience captains and bigger boats ocean run 1-1.5 mile away from shoreline is the easiest approach. Usually, I do both. On the way to AC I take ICW and enjoy scenery of LBI on the inside. We also sometimes include midway stop around Beach Haven region. This is just to extend the trip and see different places. On the way back, it’s more of like on any trip/cruise “the fun is almost over” and it’s about just getting back home, so we take the ocean side.

As for approximate numbers, I begin my trip from about Silver Bay, which is still beginning of Barnegat Bay. So, to AC it takes about 3 hours if you take ICW. It’s about 2.5hrs (even with 2-4’ chops) if you take the ocean side. Both, my 240DA or 320DA burned about 1/2-2/3 of the tank on that trip (this is total, going there, cruise around AC local beach or anchoring area and back). So, as far as how much this will cost you is depends on the size of your tank(s).

It’s about 60 miles one way from where I am.

So, if you guys agree with the idea of making AC an alternative to BIH. Lets make plans and pick the dates.

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OK...I'll chime in.

I get down to AC a few times per season. I leave from Bayville and it's 50 sMiles....almost dead on. I've made the trip on a regular basis since 1987....back when I had my 225SXL and Trump still docked his Yacht there....actually, back then, I used to spend more time at Harrhas' dock.

The trip from Bayville generally takes a little over 2hrs. Contrary to Alex's experience, from my experience, going inside or outside (Barnegat Inlet) it's a toss up with going outside actually being about 10-15 minutes longer.

Anyway, I've been going to AC for the July 4th weekend for the last bunch of years. The Borgata/Harrahs fireworks last year were world class. July 4th Holiday in 2009 is actually on a weekend, so if this is a date with potential, I'd suggest we book early.

If it's a different date, then you will need to call 1-800-876-4386 to confirm how many slips.

I also just noticed that they now have an online reservation system....all new....to me anyhow!


The H-Dock is their main dock for transients under 45'. The south side of H-dock is 30 and over requiring twin 30amp service and the north side for smaller needing single 30 amp service. Larger boats transient on the E and F docks. I get in on the edge at the H-Dock with 410DA.

Either way, I can surely be persuaded.......
Prior to 2008, it was always very difficult to get a couple of slips at farley and trump, being trump, charged a lot ($4 or 5/ft I think?) for them. I wouldn't get too deep into planning this without finding if there are blocks of slips available.
Farley's is $4/ ft on weekends and holidays....they offered some discounts during the weekdays....but that changes. They used to have a frequent stayer program, but they cancelled that too.

The 2007 and 2008 seasons were both open, generally speaking. call on a Friday, and you had a slip for the weekend.....even last July 4th weekend had slips opened.

Before that, it was always very difficult to get a slip on a holiday weekend.

However, as I mentioned earlier, for larger blocks of slips you still have to reserve early, as other clubs and organizations run regattas also....Marinemax for one....
Any thought to Wildwood rather than AC? Schooners Landing is a great place with lots to do and plenty of restaurants in the area.
If someone had the energy, and ws so inclined as to put in the time and effort necessary to organize it, the rendezvous could be made into a two marina hop.....two nights each place.....You could do one or both stops.

That's my normal M.O. anyway when we go to Wildwood. The admiral always like's a stay in AC to shop the walk......

It's the organization that's always the hard part!!!!
Not sure if I could get the admiral to agree to the additional ocean run, but I'd be interested in the two-pronged approach (AC--->CM/Wildwood). I've organized plenty of day trip get-togethers (as some of you know) as well as weekend and week-long cruises . I've also organized things that I wound up NOT being able to attend! So I'd be willing but picking the date is going to be the BEAR, esp if we have many attendees. Personally, I prefer to make trips in August - have been for the past 6 years - and the weather seems to be pretty stable. Last year AC had a coupon offer "stay two midweek days get the third free." who knows if that'd be in effect for 2009 but with the way things are going, i'd expect to see lots of incentives to put fannies in the seats.
I may be able to attend but would vote for July 4th weekend. It's about 175 NM run for me (on the outside)...
Any thought to Wildwood rather than AC? Schooners Landing is a great place with lots to do and plenty of restaurants in the area.

We can always try to have both, obviously on spread apart enough not to lose the crowd :grin:. But, I think for good number of participants fuel prices might play a determining factor (I'm not a big exception here either). But, the way we were brainwashed with this BS we can only hope that given the economical situation it wont be in $4 range, rather under $3. If that would be the case I would love to have at least couple of long trips.

For the past few years I picked trip to AC on the July 4th weekend. On most occasions the weather was not too bad, but last year we had storm moving in the area. So, as Dominic stated there were slips available. The weather gave us a small break, but it wasn't as nice as we hopped for. I was able to find open slip at Morisons (BH, on the way to AC) on 4th, same day no reservation.
If someone had the energy, and ws so inclined as to put in the time and effort necessary to organize it, the rendezvous could be made into a two marina hop.....two nights each place.....You could do one or both stops.

That's my normal M.O. anyway when we go to Wildwood. The admiral always like's a stay in AC to shop the walk......

It's the organization that's always the hard part!!!!


I'm not sure how you guys usually handle such events, but I think this is not a big deal as long as we don't expect one person to do all the work. We can have one primary person/party to manage it, but it's better if we have specific tasks assigned to multiple people. Basic project management approach. This is just a thought. So, in any event I wouldn't mind to contribute the effort as long us I have specific task assigned to me.

Sounds like the week after BIH....or was that seriously cancelled?
Frank made what looked like a joking reply, but I wasn't sure.
Mo and I were seriously thinking of crashing that one.
Alex, here's your assignment - you bring ALL the beer :grin:

I'd switch things up just for the opportunity to meet Gary. Maybe then he'll be nice to me.

We could always make July 4th a long weekend unto itself - ie: not tied to a trip further south. Incidentally, July 4th falls on a Saturday.
Ok....and just to keep things consistent....I won't bring any lobster here either....
I'm also good for the 4th of July.......as a mater of factly....I 'will' be going there then....we can always do a Wildwood trip in August. A few from here did that last year and we met up at Schooner's...

Either way, I'm in...2 ports or 1.....I'm just not up for the cruise director's job.....but I'll be a good crew memeber and do whatever is needed. If there are any here that have never taken the trip, I'd be happly to lead a few via the ICW or Ocean...no difference to me.
I love to be the follower for once, but I can't afford to keep up with you. gas + bridge = :smt009
We can always ask Gary to come up north first and then tow us south.....
I'm just not up for the cruise director's job.....but I'll be a good crew memeber and do whatever is needed.

As of today, we're in. But I'm not up for the cruise director slot. The outfit simply does not work for me.

Best regards,
I would volunteer to be the director but you probably don't want that as people may not show up.

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