Cruising the Caribbean best boat for our needs

Discussion in 'Sea Ray Lifestyle & Cruising' started by barley998877, Mar 3, 2017.

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    It can vary greatly. I've paid $6.25 per gallon for diesel in Grand at Rosies (that thief) and $2.30 at Hope Town. Availability can also vary; Rosies is hit and miss and twice got bad fuel there but it's the last stop going northwest. West End, Treasure, Spanish, Hope Town, and Green Turtle are probably the most reliable in the Abaco. Gasoline can be hit and miss in all areas. Call on availability and when the fuel barge makes stops before you leave. Points South are about the same; Bimini, Nassau, Freeport are good but again call to find out the details.
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    Wow that is expensive @ $6.25 that's like Canadian fuel prices. (on a cold winter). Do you know what your fuel was contaminated with? Water, solids or was the SG off because it ws mixed with some other fuel? Terrible once it gets into the tanks because they are all contaminated then and it's not like can just burn it off unless your engine and pre filters caught it.
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    for 3-5 day trips for 2, i don't think one can beat my 370 Venture. i had a 290 Sundancer before this boat, and i can not believe the difference in performance offshore. the sun dancer was absolutely horrible in any seas, but i feel in total control in my Venture. And it's great being able to lift the outboards out of the water. we just moved boat to south FL, and i think it's the perfect boat for tropics.

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