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  1. Dave M.

    Dave M. New Member TECHNICAL Contributor

    Oct 9, 2006
    Hermiston, OR
    270 DA
    7.4L, Bravo II
    I thought this should logically go in "Tips and Tricks", but maybe here is OK. This is a checklist I made when I first got my 270. It was so much different than my old Glaspar that I kept doing everything wrong. Being at least as smart as a post, I realized I needed a checklist. So I created this one.

    Before pulling out of the garage:
    Garage door full up
    Top of boat clear of garage door
    Trailer jack fully raised
    Trailer hitch locked down
    Safety chains in place, break-away chain in place
    Lights connected and working
    Check canvas is down
    Disconnect shore power
    Outdrive in full up position
    Trim tabs full up position
    Fresh water in system

    Before leaving the house:
    Leave float plan with someone
    Adequate fuel, water on board
    On board:
    Boat keys and other other required keys
    Boat log, charts, GPS+batteries, field glasses, phone, camera, fire ext, hat
    All items inside boat secured
    All doors closed
    Ladder up
    Tire pressures & lug nuts OK

    At the launch area:
    Disconnect trailer lights
    Disconnect bow cable, leave cable crank handle pointed down
    Bow safety cable connected, with some slack
    Battery selector in 'both'
    Turn on bilge blower
    GPS in place, turn on, reset trip odometer
    Engine, trim tabs full up position
    Smell under deck, in cabin, for gas
    Dock lines, fenders, boat hook ready
    Life jackets set out in view
    Ladder up
    Drain plug in

    Launching boat:
    Stop at water edge, remove bow safety chain
    When floating, tie off
    Engine down, then to upper trim limit
    Start engine, then return truck to lot
    Engine warm, leave dock

    Away from dock:
    Pull in and store fenders
    Put away dock lines
    VHF antenna up, radio on
    Review safety items with guests
    Put outdrive full down, then trim as req.
    Low power until 130F
    Bilge blower off when at speed
    Turn on water system, inverter, as needed

    Before returning to dock
    Anchor tied up
    Canvas covers back on
    Boat tidied up, no loose stuff in the way
    Cabin windows locked down

    Returning to dock:
    Bilge blower on
    Low power to cool engine
    Trim outdrive to up running position
    Trim tabs up
    Dock lines, fenders ready
    Truck keys found

    When on trailer, still in water:
    Engine off
    Engine full up
    Trim tabs full up
    All doors closed
    Bow winch pulled snug

    When out of water:
    Bow winch pulled tight, safety chain in place
    GPS, depth sounder off
    Bilge blower off
    Lights off
    Inverter off
    Battery switch off
    VHF antenna down, radio off
    Connect lights
    Walk around:
    Check trailer chains OK,
    Trailer hitch locked down
    Check no loose stuff on boat
    Check ladder up, outdrive up
  2. Dave S

    Dave S Well-Known Member TECHNICAL Contributor

    Oct 3, 2006
    Upstate South Carolina
    I like your check list. We all could use something like that because many times it's the little things you forget to do that are the "gottchas". :smt021
  3. chuck1

    chuck1 Super Moderator TECHNICAL Contributor PLATINUM Sponsor

    Oct 3, 2006
    North GA Mountains
    Looking For Next One
    Looking For Next One
    Thanks for the check list :thumbsup: I hope it is not copyrighted :lol: I'm going to copy it and modify it for my boat. :smt038
  4. Tacoma290

    Tacoma290 Member

    Oct 5, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    290 Sundancer
    Twin 5.0L EFI Bravo
    Nice list, Dave.

    One item missing:
    Before Leaving the House:
    Boat Keys and Marina Keys in car.

    I missed that one once, and my wife has reminded me of it significantly more than once!
  5. slack250

    slack250 New Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    The Colony, TX
    Copied, Formatted, and emailed to for lamination!


    Does anyone have a copy of their on-board rules for guests? My friend gave me a copy of his, it's kinda comical ... but not exactly what I was wanting, it was more of a "disclaimer" Posted Below for your enjoyment (please don't get offended)

    Release Of Liability

    I, __________________________ release Bob Smith and his boat of any civil or criminal action in the event of injury resulting from being pulled, towed, dragged, struck and pushed from his boat or towable tube, ski or wake board. I take full responsibility for any injury I might receive from being engaged in any of the above listed activities. I will not hold Bob Smith accountable if he decides not to perform CPR or any life saving measures if I accidentally drown from any criminal negligent actions that Bob Smith may be accused of. I further acknowledge that Bob Smith will not be held accountable if I am stranded or left floating anywhere in the lake, ocean, sea or body of water that I may be in while being associated with Bob Smith and his boat. I take full responsibility if I become unattached from any thing being pulled or towed behind a boat that Bob Smith is operating. If I become struck from the boat’s hull or sucked up into the jet pump intake grate I will not hold Bob Smith responsible for my inability to get out of Bob Smith's way. I will not hold Bob Smith responsible for any slanderous names that Bob Smith may call me if I become injured and or cry from being unattached from anything that is being towed or pulled from behind a boat that Bob Smith is operating.
    I will also pay Bob Smith any amounts that he feels is necessary for any inconveniences that I might cause from being injured or killed from being towed or pulled from behind a boat that Bob Smith is operating. I will publicly admit that I am a #&$(*% if I became hurt or injured while being towed or pulled behind a boat that Bob Smith is operating. I will also pay Bob Smith for any damages my body may cause to Bob Smith's boat if I am struck by his boat. I also give Bob Smith exclusive video, movie and photograph rights if any of those listed forms of media is used to capture an action I might be involved in while being towed or pulled from behind a boat Bob Smith is operating. I fully understand this release of liability and I will sign this document fully understanding that I have just gave up my right to sue or criminally press charges against Bob Smith. I fully understand that refusing to sign this document will not allow me to weasel myself into a lawsuit against Bob Smith.

    Signed ___________________________________

    Witness __Bob Smith______________________

    Witness __Bob Smith______________________
  6. Dave M.

    Dave M. New Member TECHNICAL Contributor

    Oct 9, 2006
    Hermiston, OR
    270 DA
    7.4L, Bravo II
    OK, I added that. That is important. I almost never take my keys out of the boat, but it is a good thing to check. I can't say I have never made this mistake with my old boat.

    Also missing from the list are several items you may do, but I commonly don't. I don't tie down the boat to the trailer, so there is no reference to that. But I do recall trying to launch my old Glaspar at Ilwaco, WA once with it still tied down. That was close to 40 years ago, and I have not repeated that embarassing situation. I also don't check the fluid levels at every launch, although maybe I should.

    I very commonly launch and load by myself. I never pull the truck from the launch ramp until the boat engine is started. Been there and done that with the dead battery thing. Then, by the time I return from parking the truck and trailer, the engine is warming nicely. So I don't occupy dock space waiting for the engine to warm like the list might imply.

    I also have a rule that when I stop on the ramp to connect or disconnect the winch cable or safety chain, I turn off the truck engine, put the tranny in a low gear, and put on the emergency brake before getting out of the truck. I would not depend on the brake alone to keep my truck from being a submarine.

    Also before returning to dock, I tie the anchor up tight under the bow pulpit. Otherwise it can get hung up on the winch. I normally put the top canvas covers back on at this time too if I have had them off. Also check the cabin top windows locked down, don't want them to get caught and ripped open in the wind driving down the road. Guess I will add these to the list.

    I am not recommending pulling your boat on the highway without tying it down. There is no significant highway travel between my house and the boat launch area, so I don't tie down. When I go out on the freeway, I do tie down.
  7. Nehalennia II

    Nehalennia II New Member

    Oct 6, 2006
    Marysville, WA
    sold '99 230OV
    5.7 EFI w/Alpha one
    Dave. Great list. You do need to add:

    • Have Fun

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