Can you ID this feature in the photo? Is it a flush?

Discussion in 'Sport Cruisers' started by Steve L., May 25, 2020.

  1. Steve L.

    Steve L. New Member

    May 19, 2020
    Seeking out a new purchase of a 28-34 foot sundancer.
    V6 Mercs
    Hi all,

    Thanks for answering SO MANY new guy questions. I am looking at a 32 Sundancer (2005), and have 2 questions:

    1. It is a V drive, which the broker said he STRONGLY prefers (his emphasis) since the boat will be kept in saltwater here in Southern CA. Is this a good point vs. the (dozens and dozens) of sterndrives I see? I feel the boat is overpriced but he says that is why.

    2. See photo below: Is this some sort of flush system? I mean the hose that is sticking up and seems to have a cap removed from it?

    3. Okay, actually 3 questions. Why is there a bicycle pump on the (I assume) heat exchanger?

    Finally, why on earth did Sea Ray make a boat like this without the "walkthrough" windshield>!>!



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  2. Chris-380

    Chris-380 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2019
    Pontoon Beach IL
    380 Sundancer 2000
    454 Horizon w/V drives
    V-drives are def worth extra imo. Almost no maintenance. Change filter and oil like once every 5 years. So smooth to shift, with the props under the boat a little more, makes low speed maneuverability easy....

    There is bad though, engines turned around, some of the parts you need to work on are harder to get to....

    I love my v-drives and I am in fresh, seems needed in salt

    Sorry I couldn’t help with the rest
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  3. Korkie

    Korkie Active Member GOLD Sponsor

    Feb 2, 2016
    Leonardtown, MD Potomac River / Chesapeake Bay
    340 Sundancer 2006, Garmin 7612, xHD Radome
    Merc 496 Mags
    Bravo III Drives
    1. He is correct that V drive is preferred over outdrives when mooring in salt water. The corrosion to the outdrives is additional maintenance and can repairs can get quite costly. Outdrives will requires additional annual maintenance.
    2. Although I am not 100% sure, I wold say this is a flush port for flushing motors with fresh water.
    3. That pump is for evacuating the water from the engine, primarily used for winterizing.

    So far as the V drives costing more, here in the Maryland area when we were shopping for our 340, the V drive and outdrive pricing were comparable.
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  4. Todd320

    Todd320 Well-Known Member

    Jul 21, 2016
    St. Petersburg, FL
    2007 Sea Ray 320DA
    Twin V-drive 5.7L 350 Horizon
    Definitely a flush port, you need a small adapter to connect a hose to it, I think I paid 50$ in 2016, so see if they have one on the boat, if not, ask why they have not flushed the engines.
    There are things that need to be repaired on v-drives at some point. There are shaft seals, and typically, there is a spare seal on the shaft, if the seal goes bad, they just slide a new seal in place. Are the spare seals still there, are they in good condition to be used if needed? Rudders are sealed with a stuffing box, but that is relatively easy to correct. These seals prevent water from coming into the boat. How much, if any, water is in the bilge?
    Shaft strut bearings, might need to be replaced if causing vibrations.
    the v-drives are less efficient, so you will consume more fuel. I’m always below 1mpg at any planing speed. Sterns can do 1 or slightly better. Sterndrives stored one a lift or in dry storage would be an option.
    Look out for these things. Have the elbows been done recently, have they (current owners) upgraded the electronics, Upgraded the interior, upgraded/maintained the exterior, how is the gel coat, how have the engines been maintained, etc. Check for water intrusion, has the hatch been rebedded, what about the port light windows, if it rains, does water get in the boat? Typically, at 10+ years, those things need to be done.
    For the upgrades, we factored those in. So, if comparing a boat with new electronics and new radar vs old, that’s 5k$ to me, because I want new updated electronics.
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  5. Espos4

    Espos4 Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2017
    Long Island NY
    2007 240 Sundeck
    350 MAG Bravo 3 W/DTS
    With that heat exchanger, you have antifreeze cooling the motor and possible the manifolds if it is full closed cooling.

    That fitting that you are referring to is a flush for the salt water side of the cooling system.
  6. Tripsdad

    Tripsdad Member GOLD Sponsor

    Sep 27, 2019
    Long Island, NY
    2006 360 Sundancer
    T 8.1L Horizons
    This is my first boat with v-drives and I’ve been very happy with them so far.

    We looked at 320’ and 340’s before we bought our 360 and my wife had the same question about the walk thru windshield on all 3 models. She said she would never go to the bow but uses the sidewalks to go up to tend to the lines every time we go out.
    Good luck with your search.

  7. CJM

    CJM Member

    Aug 26, 2010
    1986 250 Sundancer /
    2000 340 Sundancer
    5.7 Merc /
    Twin 7.4 Horizons
    Yes, that flush kit is for the raw water, (exchangers, coolers, exhaust manifolds, etc.) Note: There are 2 different types - 1: You flush with the engines running, & 2: flush with the engines off. Very important that check what you have.. It looks like you have the ones that flush with the engines off, but get the manual to confirm.

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