Brunswick selling off Sea Ray brand

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KnotEasy, Dec 5, 2017.

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    The support aspect goes a lot further than just warranty and parts. When you boat is out of warranty and you have, say, a shower mixing valve that fails, who are you going to talk to in order to just get the information you need, if you can understand them, I'm sure Tomaso or Li Chin can find the drawings but can you understand his instructions?

    With a Sea rRay, you make one phone call, you talk to a regular old American good 'ol boy who can pull the drawings and look up the vendor sourceā€¦.all in one phone call.

    There may be a time in the far distant future that I will consider an imported complex boat, but it it isn't on my horizon yet
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    Interesting. I guess I had considered at a certain boat size threshold, a lot of "boat parts" really aren't boat parts. Like your shower mixing valve is more less a residential type shower mixing valve and you would replace it with another similarly functioning part; matching the OEM equipment isn't as important as it might be for some other application where the surrounding equipment or structure was only designed for that part.

    I follow a couple that live on a 50-ish foot trawler and he replaces a lot of ordinary parts with ordinary parts for non-marine specific applications, partly because I believe his boat was a one-off custom build for which there really isn't any list of vendors or parts bins and it doesn't matter what the replacement shower valve is provided the replacement fits the location where the old valve was and functions correctly.

    I admit I'm super naive about this, but like if my 310DA cockpit or galley sink faucet breaks, why wouldn't I just go to home depot and buy a more or less compatible faucet that works functionally and cosmetically in that space? I feel like so many parts on my boat aren't "Sea Ray" parts they're just third party stuff Sea Ray chose.

    Where the parts matter seems to be nitty gritty mechanicals (EIMs, switches, deck hardware, etc). But I'll admit to being totally off base about this.
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    Marketing and Finance in business are different and have separate missions. Investors look at both and the Executive Board look at the investors. Really, the only thing that ties it all together is the company's prospectus which is obviously post-facto with a predicted outlook. Of course we have the press which, in my opinion, are little more than self proclaimed soothsayers and produce glossy paper. That is not to say there may be something more insidious behind the issue like a significant defect in their product line; consider Takata. Consider also that, companies often must undertake capital intensive infrastructure changes to remain competitive which may also play into such operating decisions. Who really knows?
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    Hi just some thoughts on the subject !! The boat dealers , are having record sales, BUT !!! They now have several European
    Model Lines , it less expensive to manufacture out side of the states , so the dealer prophet margins are higher , brunswick marine had to cut MARGIN ! To be competive ,to get the dealers to sell product ,Brunswick also cut them selves out of the market with Higher pricing . It not my job to educate but
    Here are some numbers on boats sizing today a 280 SR is really a pre 2011 260, ( with very slight mods )
    The 330 is really a 300 , to replace my old 05 340', you have to buy the 370' , the 350 , is really a 330', and of course there are majore price increases on these also, compared to Pre 2011 product , 05 340 list $250k , 2012- 370 , $450k ,
    ALSO , most of the people in my yacht club ,are not impressed with the new retro looks , they like the more traditional look,
    As far as MILLENIALS , they are focused on the job , Kids and house , college , SO GUESS WHAT !!!! They used daddy's boat temporary , until they get passed these expenses , and get financially secure , then the may move to their own boat !! LOL ! Or inherit , the family cruiser.

    It's all about the share holders , and production costs and costs to finance .

    For me , GIVE ME TWIN INBOARDS , BOW/STERN THRUSTER ( or even with out ) COCKPIT FRIDGE to KEEP THE BEER COLD AND YOUR ALL SET !! If you can't dock or operate the boat with these items ????? ,then you shouldnt be boating LOL ,
    Pods Zues drive ???? They are cool toys BUT ARE THEY A NESSESITY
    How did you dock your boat in the late 70,s through mid 2005 ????
    Minimize cost ,maximize fun/pleasure , on you boat !
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    Thinking about it, I think you have something there with the pricing. It does seem like there were significant price increases over the last 7 or 8 years.
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    I will pass on these and and all the technology wrapping them. I love my v-drives, they work great and are simple to maintain. It's the same thing with cars today. They engines are getting more and more reliable but its all the technology and electronics that we have problems with now. I have heard of more problems with marine engines these days due to computer/sensor issues than actual engine problems if properly maintained.

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    It'd be great to see 30-40 ft cabin cruiser prices compared against motorhomes of comparable sizes over the last 20 years to see how the price curves vary. I suspect boat prices have gone up much faster which probably cuts into a demand, reducing volume and hurting economies of scale.

    I also think that a lot of so-called luxury goods have been chasing a narrower and narrower slice of the market at the top of the income brackets. Rather than sell more to the middle class at reduced margins, they've tried to sell less to the rich at fat margins. I guess that's great if it works, but how many units do you have to not sell to start losing money?

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