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Discussion in 'Ask the Broker' started by Underwater254, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Underwater254

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    Does the Broker typically hang around during survey/sea trial. Also does the Broker set up a lift for surveying boat bottom?
  2. importmonkey

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    I've had both sides at the survey. Not sure if it's common, but it's always been that way for me. It was also the case that the listing broker setup the short haul for the survey. Typically, they have better access and know the marinas/area better than anyone and have a line on someone that can pull it for you. Some listing brokers hung around, others allowed us time and space. I think it depends on the broker. Your broker should be there to help, too - but again, I'm not sure if this is normal or not. Not sure you can/should be on the boat without at least one of them there.
  3. fwebster

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    You will have a contract that the seller agrees to allow you to survey the boat he is selling to you. You and your surveyor have every right to be on the boat.

    Sometimes the selling broker can be a lot of help in setting up the haul out and getting the boat to the haul out location for the seller. However, I think it is unprofessional for the sellers broker to hang around, to interject his thoughts and opinions into the survey process or to try to get the survey results even before they are sent to you....the buyer and who is paying for the survey.
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    i attend every survey and sea trial, for both my buyers and sellers. I treat every purchase or sale as if I am buying or selling the boat. I recommend surveyors and haul out locations, but buyers must make the decision of who and where, it's their dime.
  5. bbwhitejr

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    I have a sea trial on Monday and the broker will operate the boat for the surveyors. Thus far the broker has been nothing less than 100% helpful and in no way a hinderance. I expect nothing less on Monday, but I will be present as well.

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    I only had the sellers broker at my sea trial, in addition to my surveyor. The broker was there to answer questions and run the boat during the docking part of the sea trial, but for the most part he stayed out of our way and let us do our thing. We were there for about 5 hours and I could tell he was looking for us to wrap it up (though he never said anything to us about it), but given that I flew across the country to do it, I was going to take as much time as I needed. My buyer broker offered to fly back to attend as well but I didn't think it was necessary.
  7. JVM225

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    Having the sellers broker available at the survey can be helpful. They can answer questions, or arrange to get the answers for you.

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