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Discussion in 'Trailering' started by MonacoMike, Mar 10, 2017.

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    I have a 2005 Suburban I love and want to keep for the foreseeable future. It has the Bose system with rear DVD option. The only way I have found to connect my iPhone is through the auxiliary RCA DVD connections in the back seat. I really would like some way to connect my phone through Bluetooth, preferably an automatic sync every time I get in the truck. I do not care if the DVD remains functional as we have never used it. In a boat thread it was suggested to use one of these:

    Will this work on my truck by converting the 3.5 to the RCA connections? Are there other options short of a new head unit? I discussed this with a local custom sound shop and they didn't have any options save head replacement of $400 without DVD function to $900 with.

    The audio knowledge on CSR is amazing so I'm hoping for an idea or two.

    Thanks in advance for all input.

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    If your head unit has an AUX audio in, whether its RCA stereo or 3.5, then yes, then those options will work. The issue with most automotive head units is the lack of a universal audio input. Most hove not, which leaves the crappy fm transmitters. Others have proprietary inputs such as a CD changer input. These require an aftermarket conversion module though.
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    I had the same issue with my 2003 Avalanche. I used this:

    Enegg Universal Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Receiver Adapter with Hands Free Calling 3.5mm Stereo Output for iPhone Samsung Android Smartphone Tablet PC, Bluetooth Devices

    Worked great! So well, in fact, I now use it on the boat (new truck has BT).
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    What is suggested above is exactly what I did in my '07 2500. Answering the phone and trying to have a conversation through it is hard to understand, but for streaming internet music, it is fantastic. I have a very cheap one, so investing a little more in a nicer one may be the ticket!

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    I had the same problem with our Audis. I used Bluetooth adaptors from Enfig. These plug into the harness for the remote CD player. The CD player is no longer available and the control buttons for it are now utilized by the Bluetooth /hands free phone functions. In the case of our A6 it was no big deal as it did not have the optional remote CD deck. I did have the cd deck in the TT, but the trade off for music via iPhone was well worth it. I also gained a storage cubby, something that is in short supply on TTs.

    The Enfig devices are car stereo specific, but I did a quick search of their website and see they may have a version that will work for you.


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    I installed the iSimple gateway (PGHGM1) in my 2008 Sierra. I do not have the Bose system, but do recall it being mentioned in the manual.
    The unit plugs in series with the main connection to the back of the radio and mounts inside the dash. A remote mic and phone cable are included. It will connect via Bluetooth pretty reliably and has acceptable hands free quality and switchover. The radio controls are not intuitive and difficult to remember but once you get connected it works from the phone controls. The cable connection works for charging as well as streaming and the sound quality bumps up a notch from Bluetooth; the cable also enables enhanced display of track and artist on the radio display. Other than the radio controls, it ends up working much like my other vehicles that have newer OEM Bluetooth solutions.

    If I am listening to headphones when the truck is started, the music will switch over automatically within a minute or so without any interaction. Whatever I play on the phone....streaming services, DirecTv, movies, audio files will all play through the gateway's Bluetooth or Wired ports.

    If I have a complaint, it would be that changing tracks is easier on the phone than through the radio in part because the buttons for changing tracks do not change tracks for the gateway; they chose to use the tuning knob for changing tracks.

    Not 100% sure that this would work with the Bose system but it would be easy enough to check and if it would work for your vehicle, I would not have any reservations about recommending it.

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  7. MonacoMike

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    Sep 15, 2009
    Indiana lakes and Lake Michigan
    97 270DA 5k Kohler A/C,
    85 Monaco 197
    7.4 300hp BII,
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    Thanks all for the suggestions!

  8. MonacoMike

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    Sep 15, 2009
    Indiana lakes and Lake Michigan
    97 270DA 5k Kohler A/C,
    85 Monaco 197
    7.4 300hp BII,
    260hp Alpha 1
    So when you get in the car what do you do to listen to music?

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    Take a look at Crutchfield for some ideas. You may be able to change the head unit and maintain the rear seat DVD.

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