Bedding thru hull bolted hardware

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    I will be installing two tow ring/eye pads on my fiberglass hull Zodiac for towing purposes. The rings will require thru bolting w/ backing plates. My question is regarding the bedding. I'll likely be using 5200 as these will be at / near water line and subject to constant water when it use, and they will be permanently installed. I seemed to recall reading somewhere that when doing this type of installation the nuts on the bolts should be just snugged down to where the caulk begins "oozing" out, but not fully tightened as this will then squeez out all or most of the caulk. Then after it cures a bit, how long I cannot remember, the nut should then be fully tightened down, compressing the caulk but not squeezing it out. Looking for particulars on this or am I off base? Thanks.
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