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    Jun 1, 2011
    1999 express 21.5
    Hi I have a 1999 215 express with a 2011 V 8 small block
    it came with 2 types of battries one DEEP CYCLE and one DUAL PURPOSE .Do I need two different types? And If so which side does which one go ? Thanks Dave
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    generally the dual purpose is the cranking battery
    the deepcycle is the house battery
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    And yes you do need two. They serve different purposes and they are constructed differently. The starting battery is designed to release large amounts of current rapidly, and be recharged quickly. But if it is drained down too much it can kill the battery rapidly. Deep cycles on the other hand discharge slowly and can be drawn down to 50% charge and recharged again, but they take much longer to charge. Suppose you have an appliance like a refrigerator you want to run overnight. It will kill a starting battery, but not the deep cycle.

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