Another accident near Baltimore

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by villain style, Jul 26, 2015.

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    The side windows on that boat look closer together than those on your boat Scott.
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    Shared this with my wife Monday. Tuesday we were headed down to the boat taking my daughter and her friends out for a birthday cruise. I apologize to those enjoying a quiet afternoon around Hart Miller until we showed up. Fortunately we were only there for a few hours.

    My wife saw this damaged boat on I-695 as they transporting it. She said that the blue hull was also severely damaged around the bow. Did not notice that in the pics online.

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    The boat obviously had radar, if the capt. were using it, those dolphins should have been on his radar screen along with the bridge piers, and Fort Carol. This sounds like a very preventable accident that probably involved alcohol. Excessive speed + fatigue + alcohol= Disaster.
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    So sad and unavoidable. It just looks like ours ex the blue hull. Cruising at 3:30 am ......... so reckless and now children are without mothers. Just stupid IMHO, imagine the Captain is in for it.

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    And now it will bother me... Much like the steering wheel not being centered that I hadn't noticed until someone on here pointed out.
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    Would his collision and liability insurance still be in effect if convicted?
    As noted by others anchor and then drink. One company I used to deal with had a very strict drink and drive rule for all employees, Do not, We will pay for your taxi ride home and back next day to pick up your car. It got used and was never questioned on your expense account.
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    northern, in most cases yes, they would cover the accident. But in 5-7 years when this guy gets out of prison he'll be unlikely to be able to get a driver's license, car insurance, boat insurance, etc.

    Insurance companies love you until you file a claim. Then they ain't your best buddy any longer.
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    I didn't realize two were killed in the accident. What a shame.
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