Annual Spring Time Boat Ramp Etiquette Thread

Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by OllieC, May 22, 2017.

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    Mar 11, 2013
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    edit: "Springtime"

    It's that time of year again where I feel as a 'towing' Club Sea Ray Member, I am providing an invaluable service to those who need a refresher on 'Boat Ramp' Etiquette. Also, please reverse the roles if there are any female captains

    Feel free to add if there is something I missed.

    1. Back up onto the ramp to the waters edge.
    2. Get out of the truck - be sure the radio is loud enough so you can hear your favorite tune
    3. Climb aboard the boat.
    4. Retrieve plug and wrench from one of the cup holders
    5. Climb out of the boat.
    6. Install plug
    7. Climb back into the boat
    8. Turn Batt switch on
    9. Turn on blower
    10. Yell at the wife and tell her to bring the towels
    11. Have her bring the food and place that into the boat
    12. Yell at the wife and tell her to bring the cooler
    13. The cooler is to heavy for her
    14. Get out of the boat
    15. Get the cooler and put on swim platform
    16. Climb in boat
    17. Grab the cooler and place in boat
    18. Set up Bimini top
    19. 'Eye-ball' the people lined up giving you the stink-eye waiting to launch (I was here 1st!!)
    20. Climb out of the boat
    21. Take off the back straps
    22. Climb in truck
    23. Back boat into water
    24. Hand wife the bow line and release boat from trailer
    25. Yell at the wife so she understands the boat needs to be tied to the dock
    26. Go onto dock and tie boat off close to the launch ramp because she can't tie a knot (you never taught her, but that's still her fault)
    27. Move and park truck
    28. Stop at the Porta-Pottie on the way back to the boat
    29. Go to boat
    30. Tell wife she better go to the bathroom before we go
    31. Give her the keys to the truck because she forgot her makeup bag
    32. Try to start the boat (1st time this season!!! Weehoo)
    33. Won't start #%#%&@!
    34. Wife comes back
    35. Yell at her because the boat won't start
    36. Realize the emergency shutoff was flipped from the lanyard
    37. Start the boat
    38. On my merry way
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    Ohhhh the flashbacks! So very glad to have been taught proper ramp etiquette before I ever joined the fray as a PWC at a public ramp, and so much more glad to be in a slip now with the cruiser, especially since stops at the courtesy dock are few and far between!

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