Anchoring at Crab Island, Destin, FL

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Mightychan, Jun 14, 2018.

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    We are headed over to Destin next weekend to spend a few nights on the boat. I am wondering if there is a spot that is "better than average" for anchoring at Crab Island? We will want to anchor stern into the shallows with the stern anchor out so that we can wade out to mix and mingle. Also, would we be better off staying at Crab Island for our overnight, or moving into Destin Harbor? Any and all help appreciated!
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    Not one of my favorite spots...........Count on a lot of noise and rowdy behavior. There is currently a move by Destin to curb the sale of alcohol and food at Crab Island in hopes that they can get the area under control before someone gets hurt.

    The Crab Island area is open water, albiet shallow, so you will be at the mercy of the wind, waves and wakes if you stay there overnight. There are few to no transient slips in the harbor, but there are some really great restaurants along the waterfront. You can probably anchor in the middle of the harbor and let the boat swing on the front anchor and be better off and more secure that anchoring out at Crab Island. If you have a dinghy with you, beach it along the north shore of the harbor and walk the docks or to a restaurant. AJ's, Marina Cafe, Harrt T's, Louisiana Lagniappe are all very good. The Boat house is one of my favorites, excellent food, no atmosphere at all (my wife hates the atmosphere becaue of the decorations hanging from the ceiling.

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