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Discussion in 'Modifications/Customizations' started by hillsideshortleg, Jan 10, 2018.

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    Great thread ...really nice work so far! Following!
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    On an 89 390 express, Arctic White is DuPont Jersey Yachts white. It was so perfect I touched up a spot in the middle of the hullside, and you couldn't find the fix AT ALL. I used Chroma Premier. Have a DuPont store come use the Chroma Scanner on your boat to match the color. I would use rhino liner on the bottom side. It's durable and easy to clean. Turn the pressure up on the gun to get a finer texture. DO NOT use a fabric. It will get dirty, mildewed, and damaged. Boats with hardtops have fiberglass on the bottom side.
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    "Hillsideshortleg" - Know all about that; I'm from Boise/McCall and we had a ranch up the river from Riggins (James Ranch). No roads, jetboat / airplane access or one could pack the 20 miles over the mountain from Warren. We moved our livestock in and out of the ranch many times on that 20 mile trek. Really miss that area; you are very fortunate.
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    Give a call to Spectrum Paints to get the exact color match for your boat. They'll need the year, model and HIN to do it.

    As a word of caution--I had a new swim platform put on the boat last summer. The paint Spectrum sent did not match exactly so the guy doing the fiberglass work mixed his own color. Matched perfectly.
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    I am a little concerned about the interior side of the top. I was planning on using a good quality adhesive to attach a closed cell foam that I would have some form of fabric or vinyl material attached to on the under side or ceiling. Will I still have a mold problem? After seeing how ridged the tops are I am not at all concerned about rigidity of our aluminum. We actually had to take a step back due to problems getting the front fit right. I felt like we were trying to rush it and decided to step back and come up with a better game plan for fitting the front. The skin profile wasn't matching the arch profile as well as it needed to so we tried forcing it. I didn't like the results and decided to back off for a few days. Plus we now have some paying work. Dang!!!
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    Feb 5, 2012
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    89 Sea Ray 280 Sundancer
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    We are finally ready to start getting everything smoothed out. We have a path for electrical going up each side and the nose of the thing is open for future lighting. We used aluminum pipe couplings for the mounting points. The foam we glue on the inside should be at the thickness of the coupling. We also welded a row of couplings from side to side above the back of the driver seat. My wife and I would drape a blanket across the mid rail that held up the old canvas. When we would cruise on very cold nights the cockpit heater didn't keep it as warm as we liked and the blanket really helped to keep the heat in the front seat. The row of couplings will serve as a support for something to serve as a partition between the front seat and the back of the boat. It looks like we are going to be learning about body work now.

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