Advice for RIB Dink on 320 in Florida

Discussion in 'Dinghies' started by Mightychan, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Mightychan

    Mightychan Member

    Oct 8, 2016
    Panama City FL
    350 MPI w V Drives
    Hi all, I have a Mercury dink that is coughing up blood, it's time to replace it. I prefer to stay with 9.5 length, any more than than hangs over the swim platform. I am in North Florida, boat is stored in a covered slip, so is Hypalon that big of a deal, considering the dink will mostly be in the shade? Anything else I need to consider? Thanks!
  2. Stee6043

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    Jun 1, 2015
    West Michigan
    1999 Sundancer 340
    454 Mercruiser's w/ V Drives, Westerbeke gen set
    Well since nobody else has chimed in I'll give you my two cents - yes, go with Hypalon. I think your salt water is also rather harsh on PVC over the long term. That combined with more intense sun when it is out will contribute to quicker breakdown. Of course you could always get yourself a low end PVC and see how long it lasts? Perhaps used?
  3. 370Dancer

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    Oct 2, 2006
    Florida - Alabama
    1998 370 Sundancer
    380hp MAG MPI V drives
    The Water Tenders are nice (molded plastic) stable dinks, but will cover up your platform, and entry. I use one on the 43 Portofino, which has a much larger platform, so it rides nice there.

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