Adelaide to Sydney by Riviera

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    Pre Trip

    Hi Guys, I intended to write this up as we progressed through the trip, unfortunately though if any of you have ever undertaken a trip like this it takes its toll, and most nights we were knackered.

    The trip, 1076Nm, 5500L in fuel, 10 days on the water, 16 days in total, 3 people, over half the trip involves running through Bass Strait. Which has a reputation as one of the roughest stretches of water in the world.

    Last year the beloved Searay 330DA went up for sale, and foolishly I purchased a Riviera 36SC, before I sold the Searay, so my title went from Skipper to Admiral for 6 weeks, whilst I owned 2 boats, not something I recommend for stress levels and Bank Balance.

    However I joked we had one moored in Adelaide and one in Sydney, so I was shopping for one in Cairns, so we could pick our weekend dependant on the weather and fishing.

    Any way Angharad finally settled around 20 December.....Phew, I could start to think about Class Act.

    So, I had so many friends that expressed a desire to do the trip, I would of needed a 100'r to accomodate everyone, finally through email I offered those that were interested a spot, offered to swap over crew in Melbourne if needed. And importantly spelled out I was not covering expenses, airfares, food, drink etc.

    In amongst this I also had people aghast that I was cruising the boat around and not putting it on a truck. Including a friend from Rotary, who rang me and bluntly asked that I wasn't serious about sailing it was I? He had done that stretch of water many times in The Navy, it's dangerous.

    So, the crew settled on 3 of us. Myself, 9 years Army, Mechanic, auto electrical, management, boating since I was 15.
    Darren, worked for me for 8 years, just medically retired. Mechanic, auto electrician, raced boats.
    Perry, 9 years Air Force, engineer, boating since 15.
    All 3 of us witching 3 years of each other in age. So experience, ability and confidence.

    I asked for help in planning stops, emergency contacts and fuel stops. Perry put his hand up.

    I did the rest of the logistics.
    Organised a 4 Man life raft from Great Circle Liferafts, total cost of around $400, delivered to Adelaide, 3 weeks hire, picked up and returned to Brisbane on completion of trip.
    Purchased 2 new helm back condition
    Purchased and connected a sattelite phone
    Set up extensive tool box
    Organised servicing of boat, and spare fuel filters , hoses, belts etc.
    Did a supermarket on line shop and organise a 3pm delivery to the boat.
    Organised Bean Bags.........yes Bean Bags
    Shipped basically a pallet of stuff from Sydney to Adelaide.

    The issue with the Southern Part of Australia, is distances between Ports, many legs would be over 100Nm with NO Ports between, also our research indicated poor radio and phone coverage, hence the Sat Phone.

    So Friday 9 Jan, at 8pm, Perry and I boarded a flight from Sydney to Adelaide, my Brother and Sister in Law, picked us up and dropped us to the Marina. Darren would fly in the net day from Tasmania at around 1pm and take a taxi to the marina, it was only a 10 minute taxi trip.

    So Saturday......typical Adelaide Summer Day 41C no clouds no Shade Crap!

    We set about sorting the boat, checking engine bay, starting engines, generator. Fitting IPad holder in the bridge, fitting charging socket, stowing food away, filling water tanks, filling fuel. Generally preparing everything.

    First issue, the rear fridge and Aircon were not working, they were when I settled the boat 2 months earlier......crap.....the rear fridge is a freezer and I had catered food knowing that........

    Managed to get a fridge mechanic out. .........cracked line in a spot we were not going to get to on a Saturday afternoon, Airco could wait until Sydney.

    My brother offered his Waeco......saved.

    We were berthed in the premier Marina in Adelaide, with Restaurants above was 9pm, we had done everything, time for dinner, we were looking at the restaurants, we were sweaty, smelly, dirty and tired......I asked well we can go up there, have a shower etc, ar we can do some sausages on the BBQ with a bread roll.............3 Coronas quickly appeared and the BBQ heated up. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1456613608.922343.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1456613639.528049.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1456613689.857392.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1456613785.499571.jpg

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    Ian, best of Luck and keep it coming!!
    Cheers, Marshall
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    Wow. What a trip.

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