A/C questions: 240 DA Sundancer

Reed Sirinek

Jul 20, 2022
Boat Info
2007 Sea Ray 240 DA Sundancer
Mercruiser 350 MAG MPI
Beginning of the season A/C was running fine, but only half a week maybe. Had a good stream going out the thru hull. AC was running on shorepower, then came back to dock and had HI PS message days later. The lock had released debris. I tried fishing debris each direction from the strainer, didnt retrieve anything. But the strainer was half full maybe.

I've re-primed it (I believe) by putting a running water hose in strainer and running bilge pump w seacock closed. And then by running boat on water with seacock open.

Water coming out of thru hull is still barely a stream like the first time I had HI PS, like slowly pouring a glass of water. System runs and makes cold air. It probably only runs a hour then says HI PS again.

I tightened hose clamps, checked strainer and air filter on AC unit.

What is this about mud doblets or something I found somewhere on Google? How can I use a multimeter to test the ac water pump? How can I force water or flush the system after the ac water pump? TIA I've tried all the advice I could find on YouTube.
I'd see about disconnecting a hose at your AC water pump and connect a garden hose and let'er rip and see what comes out of your thru hull.

Or even flush through your water pump if that connection is easier to get to.
Had the mechanic look at it weeks later and wanted to share the story I got was it was blocked between seacock and strainer

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