77 30 ft rebuild

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    what do you guys thunk about using por-15 for engine paint. i have used it on my customer's car and it looks great seems to hold up well. i covered everything in chevy red an black. i am rebuilding my old but new 77 svr 30 ft hard top. twin 454's. cut out all rotten wood and old foam . refoamed it. the weather broke 40 this weekend and i was able to do some glass work in the bildge. i am new to this site so any suggestions would be great . :huh:
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    I have used por-15 in the past on my old Camaro. The por-15 site has engine enamels. I would call them to see if it would be good in a marine environment. Your sig doesn't tell us if you are in fresh or saltwater.

    The 454's would be a marinized Chevy block by Mercury. These would be painted black.
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    They also could be Crusader's which would be light blue.
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    i bought the pait from a co in nj . they said it would work fine . just wondered if anyone has used it a marine application. i know the whole thing should be black but i like a little color. not sure about sig??

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