6CTA & QSL Seawater Side Aftercooler & Heat Exchanger Maintenance Kit

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    Seaboard Marine Maintenance kit for twin engine applications. For the 6CTA and QSL engines.
    $130 shipped to continental USA. IMG_0386.jpg
    Parts to do maintenance on two heat exchangers and two aftercoolers. Also has six pencil anodes with brass fittings. Exactly as sold to me by Seaboard Marine minus the stainless steel 1/8" rod.

    *DOES NOT INCLUDE 1/8 inch SS ROD*
    Kit includes:
    Aftercooler O-rings
    Heat Exchanger gaskets and seals
    Zincs for both the Aftercooler and Heat Exchanger
    Metalube w/application brush
    Rector seal #5
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    a6....that seems to be a pretty fair price. I spend almost $50 on the zincs, and the price shown on the O-ring kits are $25 each, so that's $100 there....not bad.

    Have you done the maintenance yet? It seems easy enough of a job to pull the aftercoolers out of the boat and then perform the cleaning, greasing and installing new O-rings. As with most things on these boats, it is easier said than done. Any tips or tricks on handling all of the hose connections? Did you replace hoses while doing this?

    Lastly, what are the two beige colored disks at the top of the photo? My guess is heat exchanger end caps, but I'm not sure why new ones are required. Can you help me out on this?


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    Just finished my aftercoolers today actually...

    Here are a couple thoughts.

    The gear cooler is behind the aftercooler, I cleaned both of mine while I had the aftercoolers off. I also replaced the coolant hoses since I was back there and the shaft seal hose (it's a standard 3/8" coolant line you can get at any auto parts store). If you go this route, I actually got the molded hoses from dieselpartsdirect for less money then sbmar.

    I took my aftercoolers and hard pipes and had them powdercoated as well, we shall see how this holds up.

    To clean the cores, you will need about 4 cans of brake cleaner.

    depending on your year, I would have the heat exchangers pressure tested for leaks as well.

    The offwhite disc's are actually heat exchanger gaskets.

    I just realized you were selling all this after I typed all this out... my bad.

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