65 ft. MY sinking near South Bass?

Fresh water sinking...I say we pass around the collection plate, fellas, let's offer 'em $100k as-is :)
I'm impressed that they were able to plug the holes while the boat was on the rocks and in the water so they could float it. I wonder what they use to seal the holes?
A year or two ago, the owners posted on FB looking for a Capt. A friend of mine with not a lot of experienced asked me if I thought he should apply because I've docked near them so often. I don't know the owners personally, but they had just upgraded from their previous Hatt. (an old-school version of this - I think an '89?). After discussing it, we both came to the conclusion that it would be too much for him to take on.

Wow - hindsight. The prevailing scuttlebutt is "vapor lock after switching tanks", which I assume translates well enough to support the theory that they switched tanks and had air in the lines.
Just a guess, the goal is not water tight fixes, just slow the water inflow enough that the pumps can keep up.
That's a big pretty boat. Sad to see this happen, but someone will fix it.
That's a big pretty boat. Sad to see this happen, but someone will fix it.

I agree, it will probably get fixed, then at some point wind up on the market.

This is the boat that most of us hope we do not buy without knowing the history.

They will be chasing electrical/system issues forever on that boat.

Survey is important for a buyer.
I just saw an update on the MBI Facebook page that said the Jude Sea has made it to Sandusky and will be scrapped.
Its sad someone lost the rest of their season. Hopefully insurance covers it and they are able to buy another boat. I only hope they find a better captain next time.
Has anyone heard the outcome of the second boat that sank on Sunday? Reportedly, they left South Bass on a 25 go fast and began taking on water. Everyone was recued.
Blueone: Thanks for posting the latest pics. Sad to see the girl in this condition for sure. I just heard she will be salvaged. What a difference a weekend of weather makes. Picture perfect today and very nice yesterday.
Apparently, the owners are acting swiftly to replace her and the captain! This weekend "Jude" posted on FB looking for a new captain for an 80 footer...
The rumors are swirling up here, but the overall summary is that the Captain switched the fuel valve from port tank to starboard tank and got a bubble of air in the line. He lost both engines and subsequently electric power, couldn’t get them started, and without power couldn’t drop anchor (or it didn’t bite) and blew onto the rocks. It sounds like a frustrating sequence of mechanical failures that occurred within minutes of being blown onto the rocks on a day with 20+knot winds.
Don't need power to drop anchor; any anchor.
Don't need power to drop anchor; any anchor.
Even an electrically actuated windlass? I'm not sure that I can drop my anchor without power. And if possible it certainly takes some time on a boat that size.

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