6.2 Mercruiser leak on brass fitting 2016 Sundancer 280

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    Oct 20, 2018
    Beach Haven, NJ
    280 Sundancer 2016
    6.2 Mercruiser w/ Bravo III
    IMG_2974.jpg IMG_2975.jpg IMG_2976.jpg IMG_2977.jpg IMG_2974.jpg IMG_2975.jpg IMG_2976.jpg IMG_2977.jpg I have water dripping from the end of a brass fitting that is attached to the bottom of the riser elbow on the starboard side.I can't find a schematic drawing or a part number. The brass fitting appears to be some sort of relief valve that threads into the side of the nipple that feeds water to cool the elbow. The fitting appears to have a hole milled into the end, the hole is where the water is dripping from
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