510 Sea Ray 2013 to 2018

Discussion in 'Announcements & FAQs' started by Bobby B, Aug 9, 2021.

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    Oct 2, 2019
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    I have heard there is a stringer problem with this model. I have also heard that Sea Ray is repairing under warranty. Does anyone have any information on the probelem?
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    Did anyone respond to this? I just put an offer on a 2014 510DA and am having the mechanical and survey done next week. Just heard about the potential stringer issue and am looking for more information on it.
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    If any one had responded it would be on here. Perhaps your post will move this up in the new post queue and trigger a reply from someone with knowledge of the question.
  4. fwebster

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    You are correct, the 510DA was one of the boats that Sea Ray recalled to the factory for hull related repairs. I know the general history of the campaign, but I'm not going to post it here because some of the employees involved were covered by a non-disclosure agreement and posting the details on a public site could easily make the employees who told me why there was a recall liable for doing so.

    What I will do is to suggest where to go from here if you already own a repaired 510DA or are contemplating buying one:

    Get the HIN# off the upper right transom….starts with alpha characters SERP….then call Sea Ray Customer service and when you talk to a human tell them to please connect you to one of the Big Boat customer service guys in Florida. Then tell him you are trying to buy a 2014 510DA and you'd like some information on the boat concerning prior warrnty claims to see if it was included in their 510 hull repair campaign. If it was, ask if he has any details on the repair to t his HIN# and ask if the warranty was extended to cover any future problems that may turn up with the repair or original hull problem. Finally, ask if there were any buy-backs and how can you find out if the boat in question wasa by-back.

    You should be talking to one of the Florida based customer service folks. My experience with them is that they are all highly professional polite and sincerely interested in helping you get the answers you are looking for.

    Right now you don't know if you should proceed with your surveys or cancel/postpone them and I hope Sea Ray Customer Service can give you some level of comfort to help you make an informed decision on the 510DA.

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