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Jul 17, 2012
SW Florida
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Cummins QSC500 Vdrive
Is there a dedicated forum for the 40 sedan bridge
I've been eyeing these as the "next" boat. Must have diesels though... Most seem to have the Cats. What are you guys getting for mpg? I was hoping it might get close to 1 mile per gallon with diesels...

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I'd like to see and would support a 40' Sedan Bridge forum. It's great to see solutions to common problems and improvement ideas.

First question......my '97 is called a 40' boat.......what is the same hull called by measurement today? 40', 42', 44' ???
What I s the process to start an official forum.
Working on maintenance items and one is the AC strainer. It is a smaller/short perko 493 and the basket is missing. Emailed sea ray and they wrote back that the originals had groco strainers. The mains are groco, but the gen and a/c are perko. You guys have the same thing in yours, or all groco?

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Mine is the same as yours. gen and a/c are Perkos. mains are groco.
Impeller Explosion:

Starboard engine started running hot a couple of weeks ago. Pulled the impeller and it was what I would characterize as a rubber apple core, two half blades remained. New one in, and the water flow improved.

After running it for about an hour, the bilge area under the standard engine had about 4 inches of water. Sponged it out and called it a weekend.

My trusted wise boating mentor said I needed to pull the hose at the elbow after the impeller and before the heat exchanger and fish out the impeller pieces. I am happy to say that the port engine has a new impeller (almost the same runber apple core lok as the stbd engine), and I fished out two red solo cups worth of impeller parts between the two engines (new verse for a song maybe?). Anyhow, no wonder the one engine was running hot.

I was thinking that that the new impeller created so much pressure, and with a solo cup worth of exploded impeller parts inevitably creating a blockage, water had to find a way past a clamp or something resulting in the one side of the bilge to fill like it did.

I am going to head out in the AM and see if the water returns in the bilge. A quick start of the engines and I did not see any immediate leaks. I am interested to see hoe the temps on the engines respond.

On another note, my boating mentor gave me two impeller change tips that made the second impeller change go much smoother.

1) put the replacement seal ring in the freezer for about 15 minutes so that it shrinks and better fits into the groove.
2) lather the impeller up with dawn, all over. Slipped right in and rotated easily it be able to insert the metal chuck/key. Plus, it is easy to see the impeller is working because of the soap being pumped out.

I am not certain, but I may have fished out pieces for more than one impeller from each engine. I am glad to have this maintenance task behind me....

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I am happy to announce that I am now officially the owner of a 2003 Seadan Bridge can't wait to pick the boat up on Saturday
It would be great to have a 400 sedan bridge forum
any idea what model vaccuflush is in a 1999 400db? I need to get new seals...do they have an overflow hole or not? Thanks!
I picked the boat up in Mystic on Sat.The boat ran great five Hr.trip to Sayville NY.I am very impressed with this boat.Very quiet at the helm and at 2250 I averaged 24 Kts.My wife and I love this boat.
Congrats on the delivery of the new to you yacht. You'll love the boat. Which inlet did you use on South Shore?
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