2001 340 Sundancer Lofran Progress 1 Finger Repair

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    May 18, 2020
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    340 Sundancer 2001
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    Last season, the stud holding the pressure finger on my windlass broke off. Luckily, I was able to save the finger (if you weren't able to save the finger, the entire kit is available at www.p2marine.com). This is a very common problem with these windlasses. I successfully repaired it and thought I'd share the procedure.

    First, purchase the modified mounting stud, LWPPF003A (https://www.imtra.com/products/prod...fran&productid=27804&producttypeid=501&page=1) and a new spring, LWPPF007 (https://www.imtra.com/products/product-search?quicksearch=lofran&productid=27807&producttypeid=501)

    Then you'll have to drill out the broken off mounting stud. In my case, the portion of the spring that inserts into the windlass base also broke off when I tried to remove it, so I had to drill that out too.

    I then purchased a tap set that matched the mounting stud on Amazon for 15 bucks. (Drill America DWTS8X1.25 m8 x 1.25 High Speed Steel 4 Flute Hand Tap Set, DWT Series https://a.co/d/6NyGVoU) There are a bunch of different ones on there. The key is to get this size tap: m8 x 1.25, which matches the threads on the mounting stud. Last two parts were a nylon washer and an m8 x 1.25 nylock nut.

    I used motor oil to lubricate the tap, and had the drilled out hole tapped in about 10 minutes. To try and prevent this from happening again, I used antiseize on the new stud. Once the stud was in, add the spring, and then the finger. I added the nylon washer to reduce friction between nut and finger, and perhaps galvanic corrosion as well. Overkill, I know.

    Took the opportunity to clean and re-grease the shaft, clutch, etc. Funny thing is the Lofran manual recommends this maintenance ever 6-12 months. I suspect this is the first time the Gypsy's been off since this boat rolled off the factory line.

    This off season, I'm going to take the windlass off and rebed it.

    Here's the photographs.

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    Wow! That is a great expose’ you did. I hope I never have to do it, but with this set of directions, I’m sure I could!
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