2001 280 Sundancer

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    Aug 3, 2016
    Marblehead, OH
    280 Sundancer 2002, 5E Kohler Generator
    Twin 4.3L Mercruiser EFI w/ Alpha One Drives
    Hi all, im new to the forum and am really excited to be a new Sea Ray owner. I'm looking to purchase my first boat and have been eying up a 2001 280 SD. Love the layout of the boat and found one for about $6k less than 280s a year or two newer(02's and 03s). It's got twin 4.3s and looks like most options. Canvases are in good shape, but doesn't have cockpit carpeting. An initial look tells me it's in pretty good shape. I'll certainly do a survey and sea trial, but was curious if the difference in $6k makes it a good deal or is the extra money worth getting a boat 2 years newer? I realize there's a ton of variables here, but if we said the conditions are comparable, is it worth jumping on the 01 now and have to pay for storage and winterizing fees in a month and a half or would I be better off waiting until spring and taking a chance on not finding one. We are set on the 280 for several reasons. I think I read the 4.3s on an 03 have an addition 20 HP as compared to the 01. Does that make a noticeable difference?

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