2000 SunDancer with CAT 3126 Hard Starting after running boat

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  1. rwerber

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    Mar 25, 2012
    Potomac, MD
    2000 Sundancer 410
    Cat 3126
    I have 2 banks (2 Port, 2 Starboard - total 4 batteries) Group 27 AGM batteries for my 2000 SunDancer CAT 3126s. 2 batteries are new, 2 are 2 years old and load test fine. Over the last few years, the engines are hard starting after I run the boat ~1 hour or more. When the boat comes off of a shore power charge, I never have a problem. The engines crank and start immediately. After I run the boat and return to the dock, shut down and attempt to re-start, I get a variety of symptoms.........No crank at all. Sluggish crank, no start. Sometimes the ignition breaker on the DC panel trips, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I can start with my parallel (crossover switch), sometimes I can't. When I run the engines, I am getting a +/- 14 Volt reading directly on the batteries with my voltmeter which is also confirmed on the helm analogue gauges. Has anyone ever seen this issue? My mechanic thinks it is a battery problem and my battery guy says the batteries are perfect. This only happens when the engines are warm after running. I replaced both fuel solenoids last season. Any thoughts/recommendations? HELP!

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