1999 Searay Sundancer 260DA Won't start - Mercruiser 5.7 EFI Bravo III

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  1. Momma Turtle

    Momma Turtle New Member

    Sep 23, 2015
    Bellflower Ca
    1999 SeaRay Sunancer 260DA. Garmin 398
    Mercruiser 5.7 EFI w/ Bravo III Drive
    Hello All,

    I m stumped and hoping that some of you can shed some light on an issue that I am having. I took my boat out a couple of weeks ago and ran fine. I did notice that when I started it up at the dock, it seemed a bit sluggish. Sounded like the carb had something in it. In any case, I rev'd her up a few times and ran fine all day long. Last weekend, we wanted to go out and it wouldn't start. It turned over fine but just would not start. I have done the following.

    Batteries have been tested and they are good. I have good spark and definitely smells like fuel.

    Replaced and or cleaned the following:

    Flame Arrestor - cleaned

    Replaced the distributor cap, Distributor sensor, coil, and plugs
    Changed out the oil pressure sensor
    Checked the kill switch
    I have read on other forums that sometimes the ignition switch maybe the cause or that perhaps I should drain the (raw) water from the engine and manifolds?

    Not sure what else to check or replace. Any feedback or something to try would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all in advance.
  2. Bay B's

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    Aug 15, 2013
    Podickory Point, MD
    2006 290 Sundancer, 2 Raymarine C70s, GPS, AIS SHS, RADAR, DSM-250, Avon RAB 2.81
    Twin Mercruiser 5.0 MPI w/Bravo I Drives, Honda 2HP
    From other posts:
    I'd start by making sure you have a solid ground connection between the battery and the engine block - clean, tight, and no voltage drop when you try to crank the engine...once that is done, you can trace the +12VDC from the key switch back thru the yellow/red wire to the slave solenoid and the starter itself.
    Verify that the solenoid is getting 12 vdc when the key switch is turned to the start position. Fried internal contacts from high current in the slave solenoid will cause intermittent starts.
  3. Ozshadow

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    Jul 14, 2013
    Lake St. Clair
    99 Sundancer 270 wide
    7.4 mpi B3
    re-read - now re-thinking

    I'm hoping you are not dealing with a engine computer or wiring harness issue. If it is something like that, you may want to get a pro involved.
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