1991 310/330 AC replacement 11k btu or 14k btu

Discussion in 'Sport Cruisers' started by Cocktail Time, Jul 11, 2019.

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    I have a friend that is replacing his ac unit and getting conflicting info on what model to install. Apparently the previous owner put in a 6k btu dometic unit in which is way under powered especially here in Gerorgia. The original was 12k.

    Has anyone replaced with a MarinAire unit that can give feedback? I am suggesting 14k and they are suggesting 11k. I have a 14k unit in my forward stateroom with the same amount and size ducting and it works great in a smaller space. I've read all about what to do and what not do with btu's, not looking for a class, but would appreciate thoughts from someone with this model that has replaced theirs. Thanks ! Dan
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    Not sure if I ever got back to you, but Steve Puckett was great. He came out 3 different times and only charged me once to put gas in my refrigerator. Told me to get a hard start capacitor for my AC. Got it from Amazon for $13 and hooked it up in 5 mins. Takes much less of a “jolt” to get the compressor running. He was great! He did go to Dometic training as well. Give him a call if you haven’t.

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    I am going to shortly be replacing my AC/Heat unit on my 330DA with a 9,000 BTU unit from MarineAire. It is in Niagara Falls NY now and I am picking it up tomorrow. We don't get the kind of heat up here that you do in the south so I decided to go with a lower BTU unit than the OEM 12K one. It will draw less amps. I went with marineAire because I like their automatic dehumidify setting that uses the humidity % to determine when to run. Supposedly very quiet too. I will post my results once it is installed in a couple of weeks.
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    This is listed in my signature
    IMG_4230.JPG While I can't answer your exact BTU question for your boat and climate, you must pay attention to the wiring requirement for the unit you go with. So many people focus on cooling they overlook wiring gauge in the mix.

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