1987 268 engine compartment diagram/photos

Discussion in 'Classic Sea Rays' started by Ronniels, Feb 1, 2018.

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    Jun 1, 2014
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    1987 268 Sundancer
    4.3 Alpha Gen II
    Twin 170's Alpha One's
    I bought my 268 with one of the engines removed due to water in the oil.
    The PO had removed the sea water pump and hoses. I have all of the parts.
    I went ahead and removed the 2nd engine and had them both rebuilt.
    I am at a loss on how to reinstall the sea water system
    I have 2 165's with encloses cooling system.
    While I have easy access, I want to replace the trim pump.
    But looking online I can not find one that is 100% identical.
    She does have A/C and a Genset.

    Any photos or diagrams available to help?


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