1. S

    Late 90s sundancer 270 or 240

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and looking to get my first boat. I've operated my dad's 31' (or 34' can't remember exactly) Parker that had 2 250s, so I think a 24' or 27' boat should be fine. I have a few questions and was hoping to get some advice/info. As far as getting a boat, I know I...
  2. F

    Buying Advice 2006 Sundancer260

    Hey guys im going to look at a 06' 260 on friday... it will be my first/ starter boat. im looking to upgrade hopefully to a 370 in 5-10 years. Either way, im looking for some advice, it's probably the cheapest 260 ive been able to find and it seems to be in great shape. Theres no Gen, or AC...
  3. B

    Shifter switch repair 2003 Sea Ray Sundancer 380

    My shifters stopped going into reverse. I can reverse connections at the transmission and it goes into reverse. Once side was fixed by messing with corroded shifter switch control made by Zippy. Where can I find a replacement part or identify the part number for certain. Thank you. I think this...
  4. 45Gunner

    2000 SeaRay Sundancer 460 for Sale

    Sorry, no pictures at this time but working on it. I am the third owner of this boat. It spent most of its life in a lake in Colorado until the previous owner moved it to Ft. Myers in 2018. He sold it to me at the end of 2019. It has been in Boynton Beach ever since. It is equipped with 2...
  5. C

    Battery Converter / Charger

    2006 Sundancer 320 We need to replace our 30amp converter/charger, but are having trouble finding one below 40amp. I've had many 320 owners tell me they've installed a 40amp with no issues, but I wonder about wiring issues with going from 30amp to 40amp? Anybody have any experience with this?
  6. S

    2002 26' Sundancer 5.7EFI Wont Start

    Hi All, I took my 2002 26' Sundancer with 5.7EFI out a couple of times this Spring and it ran great. I had a service done (Impeller, Oil Change, Fuel Filter, Spark Plugs) went to take boat out I went to accelerate, and it began running really rough and it would not go above 2K RPM / 10 MPH...
  7. Kris36

    Adjusting the park position of a wiper arm

    On my 2000 380DA the starboard wiper arm no longer parks in the right position. The motor was replaced by the yard a couple of years ago. It parked in the correct position at the bottom of the windshield but recently it parks near the top. The port wiper is fine. I’ve checked for loose...
  8. Lovichka 420 DA

    Matched / polished 22 R 27 Hi-Torq Nibral Props for sale

    FOR SALE - $3,400 USD - 1/2 price of new Like New. Matched and polished 22 R 27 Hi-Torq Nibral propellers. Professionally balanced April 27, 2023 by "United Propeller and Machine Inc.", Canada's ONLY prop scan facility. Spares from Sea Ray 420 DA Sundancer w/6cta 480 CE Cummins diesels. Will...
  9. bfernald0

    LB Harvey Marine--Searchlight Repair

    I am passing along a terrific vendor if your Jabsco Searchlight is not working 100% or just needs a refurb. I am NOT affiliated with these guys in any respect and am not receiving any remuneration for this recommendation. When I find a good vendor for my Sea Ray 340 Sundancer, I like to pass...
  10. S

    Sea Ray 270 DA Twin Mer. 3.0LX 1996 Carburetor help

    Hello, I have just take off the MerCarbs and I have noticed that one is MerCarb 43 mm and the other is MerCarb 36 mm. ??? What is the original one so I go get second hand one or if someone has it here to sell. I will rebuild boath carburetors. Thank you in advance. Robi
  11. D

    Still struggling with Hurricane Ian repairs

    I had my bimini ripped off by Hurricane Ian and along with it I had snaps ripped out of my stainless steel windshield frame. I'd appreciate any advice on how to get the broken snaps out and the new snaps in. Thanks
  12. D

    Repair Screw Holes

    My 1997 400 Sundancer just went thru Hurricane Ian. The rear bimini stainless steel support frame was ripped right out of the fiberglass radar arch. I have the support frame and it is not damaged. My question is what is the best way to repair the screw holes in the radar arch that the frame...
  13. F

    2000 sundancer 260DA bimini top size

    Hi guys: im new to the page and new to searay's. I got a sundancer 260DA, got the boat around 5 months ago with out a bimini top. I have tried to order online with no luck also tried to hire 2 different local guys to have one made and nothing. Let's just say im really out of luck on this one. I...
  14. cskeller07

    2003 Sea Ray Sundancer 260 Freshwater Low Hours $39,999 Short walkthrough video Boat is currently in the water, fully serviced and ready to go for 2023. -Outdrive service performed including impeller -Engine service (Oil Change, Oil Filter, Fuel filter) Extremely clean 2003 Sea Ray 260...
  15. Rigby

    Manual needed

    Hello all So I have a lot to learn about this boat. Unfortunately it came with no documentation of any kind. THe site doesn't even have a manual for my boat! 2001 Sundancer 310. V-Drive. I tried a google search but wasn't successful. Does anyone have a manual for this boat? Thanks
  16. Kvillantz18

    Built in shade for the hatch is toast. HELP PLZ. 260 Sea Ray Sundancer 2004

    I’ve searched long and far and hit a dead end. Can’t find a replacement shade and the original part has been discontinued per most of my parts I seem to usually need. Any suggestions would be useful. I’ve tried some local canvas and repair shops and none have been able to help fix the shade.
  17. 8675309Jenni

    87 250 Sundancer Front Hatch Question

    Hello all! Our 87 front hatch hinges are broken. We would like to know what others have done. The hole is 18w X 18.5 L. We are finding new ones but they are $900, ouch. I know its bring on another thousand but there are other things we are replacing this year as well.
  18. N

    Need dry weight of 2004 Sundancer 280 with twins

    Lots of conflicting information online...Need DRY weight of 2004 Sundancer 280 with twins (Mercruiser 5.0 MPI). Generator, AC, 3 batteries. For lift purposes.
  19. D

    TV & DVD Upgrade - '07 Sundance 40

    Looking to upgrade the TV's on our '07 Searay Sundance 40, to a smart TV (wifi / streaming). Have been reading thru the forums that if I get 120v/12v compatible TV's we may be able to run them off gen or battery. I went to best buy, but they didn't have anything remotely close. Any...
  20. J

    1997 370 SD Low Arch

    I’m purchasing a 1997 Sea Ray 370 SD. How do people like their 370’s. Also has anybody had problems with a low arch?