1. Chris Cro09

    2002 Sun Dancer 260 - Adding an inverter

    So I just bought a 2002 Sun Dancer 260 and didnt realize it doesnt have a generator. It has AC, but it can only be run on shore power. Instead of adding a crazy expensive gen, can I just add a 3000w 12v inverter if I want to run the AC for about an hour or so with the motor/boat running? I am...
  2. S

    2002 26' Sundancer 5.7EFI Wont Start

    Hi All, I took my 2002 26' Sundancer with 5.7EFI out a couple of times this Spring and it ran great. I had a service done (Impeller, Oil Change, Fuel Filter, Spark Plugs) went to take boat out I went to accelerate, and it began running really rough and it would not go above 2K RPM / 10 MPH...
  3. B

    Location for new speakers 2003 Sundancer 260

    Has anyone put speakers in the back of their Sea Ray 260. I'm thinking the locations circled but I can't see what's behind there.
  4. cskeller07

    2003 Sea Ray Sundancer 260 Freshwater Low Hours $39,999

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/5146852395384300/ Short walkthrough video Boat is currently in the water, fully serviced and ready to go for 2023. -Outdrive service performed including impeller -Engine service (Oil Change, Oil Filter, Fuel filter) Extremely clean 2003 Sea Ray 260...
  5. E

    260 Sundancer Gen Exhaust Through Hull

    I know the answer can be “go look around bilge,” but this came up right before docking and we had to hurry home. Now at work and mind wondering a bit. Just got 2003 260 Sundancer. Ran Generator a week ago. When it was running, water started pumping at through hull right below captains seat...
  6. Scott McClain

    Wet Carpet, 2005 Sundancer 260

    I realize this is a repetitive topic, but I have searched for answers and have found none. We have noticed water accumulating in the cabin, on the carpet, just in front of the cabinet doors under the sink in the galley (see picture - circled is where the water starts to seep through). Over the...
  7. 2016FLD

    Closed: WTB Trailer for 85 260 Sundancer

    Hi, Want to buy a used trailer for a 85 260 Sundancer, near Clearwater, FL, up to $3,000. Thanks, Michael
  8. Bill Nelson

    1981 Sundancer 260 She's on the water (!), but low performance >3000RPM

    Hi all, Due to boatloads of help from y'all, old girl is on the water. Actually left the dock, and returned to it under her own power! Small miracles. Took it easy most of the trip around the lake, but a few times when I was a bit froggy and advanced the throttle past 3000 rpm, she would...
  9. FishOn

    Bunk placement for 2000 Sundancer 260

    Hi. New to this forum. I'm interested in hearing opinions about the best trailer bunk placement and length for a year 2000 Sundancer 260. The trailer has 4 about 16 foot long bunks. I appreciate any advice.
  10. L

    Skiing question - 260 Sundeck

    Hi All. I'm considering replacing my 240 Sundeck with a 260 Sundeck. Is it too big to water ski with? We do a lot of water sports off of our 240. Thanks!
  11. M

    Looking to Buy - 2001 260 Sundancer - Advice, Thoughts?

    Hello all - I'm brand new to this forum and will be brand new to Sea Ray... although been admiring them for years my past current vessels have been Supra, Mariah and Sea Doo (quite a mix, huh?). With 3 children now, it's time to move into a little larger family friendly boat. We found this...
  12. G

    Newbie - Joining the Club '80 260 Weekender

    Not sure if this is the right section, but I am about to join the party with my first boat purchase. I am scheduled to take delivery of a 1980 Sea Ray 260 Weekender on Thursday. I have always been a fan of Sea Rays but up until recently haven't had the means to buy and more importantly take...
  13. M

    79 Sea Ray 260 Mercruiser 350 engine stalls while going in gear

    Please help. I've had a stall condition for the past two months. The onset comes on almost every time after 20 to 30 minutes of cruising. Boat will stall and not run when put into gear. I've cleaned fuel tank, installed new tank check valve, new fuel line, new points, plugs, cap, and wires...
  14. KevinC

    260 Sundancer Windlass Installation (2003 Model)

    When I purchased my boat this was on my wish list but I figured I could always add one. This thread is here to document my installation so that others may find similar inspiration. Project Inventory: LEWMAR V700G VERTICAL WINDLASS (WINDLASS, ROCKER, BREAKER AND CONTACTOR/SOLENOID) 6 AWG...
  15. Gunn

    Removing spacer in trim cylinders for more down sterndrive trim?

    So I am rebuilding all four of my trim cylinders on my Alpha I Gen II drives. They end cap on each cylinder was corroded, preventing the drive from moving downward. In re-assembling the cylinder unit, the Mercruiser service manual mentions a particular spacer that is assembled on the cylinder...
  16. 2

    Replacing Quadrajet with Edlebrock for trolling?

    I have a 1985 250 DA that I use primarily for Salmon Fishing. I have had nothing but problems with the original and re-manufactured quadrajets on my Mercruiser 260. My goal is to have my engine tuned for fine adjustment between the 800-1000rpm range. I don't care about the top end performance I...
  17. N

    Swapping engines on a 1979 srv-195 need help with wiring.

    So i bought a boat from a guy online for cheap knowing that it needed some work. What i didn't know was how much work it was really going to need. So long story short the mercruiser 260 that came with the boat was beyond repair. I found a volvo penta 260a from around the same time period. So im...
  18. S

    Advice - buying "new" 2008 260DA

    Not sure where to post this but am considering a new/left-over '08 260 with 6.2L, Windlass, AC/Heat, TV/DVD, VHF, Camper, etc. Latest price offer: $71k. NADA on' 08 says this deal is good; NADA on similarly equipped '07 says huge value drop coming. Any advice? Thanks!
  19. N

    Help please, Merc 260's 2bbl vs 4 bbl

    I need serious help, from somebody who knows Merc 260/5.7 carb engines inside and out, or at least has knowledge and experience working with them. Knowledge of these as twins, in the Amberjack configuration would be even better. I've got a 87 270 Sportfish (Amberjack flybridge) with twin...
  20. W

    Parting 2 boats 1978 260 and a 1981 260

    I have 2 Searays in my yard that need to go shortly One is a 1978 260SRV with twin 470 FWC motors and outdrives (pre alpha) The inside is prettymuch in tact The other is a 1981 260 with an odd helm area its carpeted and not in as great of shape but the interior is in tact Some photos here...