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  1. scooper321

    480 DB Owners Club

    I always scrape with a vinyl caulk scraper. They are cheap at the hardware store. As for caulk, I forget the number but I use the 3M and LifeSeal clear silicone that promises not to crack or fade. I don't use the adhesive caulks for the rails and such topside.
  2. scooper321

    Good Upholstery Shop in Baltimore Area

    Thanks. And I understand about the timing. At this time of year I would expect to be in a queue. I’m more interested in getting a good job done at a reasonable price. I’ve had one quote already and found that it would have been cheaper to simply replace the helm seats altogether! Needless to...
  3. scooper321

    Good Upholstery Shop in Baltimore Area

    Who has a good upholstery shop that they would recommend in the Baltimore area? The captains chairs on our 400 DB could use to be recovered and the cushion and bolsters in the upper bridge area (U seating) need it as well. We also would appreciate someone who is clever as we have a couple...
  4. scooper321

    Cockpit Upholstery Ideas - Photos Wanted

    Looks nice! How much did that run? I have some upholstery quoted recently from my canvas guy, who is very good. But the price was absolute sticker shock. And this is coming from a guy that put a hydraulic platform on his boat... lol. It was actually less expensive to consider brand new helm...
  5. scooper321

    Highfield… any regrets?

    That sounds like a really good deal. But it. Then make it fit. At worst, you'll have to buy a larger boat or an extended platform to fit the dink. But that's boating!
  6. scooper321

    Encountered Aetna digital tach anomaly

    Wow. Nice job diagnosing. This is not a surprise, I assume. Salt air corrodes everything. Why should the internal contacts and wipers of a DIP switch be immune? Nice to know that toggling of the switches to fix your problem. Thanks for sharing!
  7. scooper321

    New Inflatable RIB

    Guess the can't be chastised as China-made crap anymore? I love mine!
  8. scooper321

    We are being evicted from our marina

    Instead, I put that money towards a bigger boat.
  9. scooper321

    To Shrink Wrap or not to Shrink wrap?

    Where are you in MD?
  10. scooper321

    To Shrink Wrap or not to Shrink wrap?

    Yup. And it's not even about cracking the fiberglass. The expanding ice can cut through or crack the caulk on those joints.
  11. scooper321

    We are being evicted from our marina

    For some of us, that would require investing in a barn and a semi, so that's not feasible.
  12. scooper321

    Marina was sold we had to leave.

    I forget, what marina are you in up there? That’s a great price regardless of the size of the slip!
  13. scooper321

    Not that I hate the next few months....

    It was in the 50s today in Baltimore. Perfect weather for getting the canvas off the boat and the mooring cover on, in preparation for wrapping next week. Got her winterized last week. It’s only about 3 months til I start making plans to commission, but this time of year stinks. Guess I...
  14. scooper321

    We are being evicted from our marina

    Our marina kicked everyone out a year ago on 30 days notice. That included live aboards, brokers, annual renters. The marina WAS in a massive state of disrepair. After a second episode of a dock hand driving a golf cart into the water, I believe the insurance adjuster came down to survey the...
  15. scooper321

    To Shrink Wrap or not to Shrink wrap?

    This. Every single rail mount, thru hull, window seam, windlass hardware, light fixture, etc is a place for water to sit, freeze and work its way in. have you never had ice freeze and work it’s way back up under your roof on your house? Every joint is a potential place to allow water to freeze...
  16. scooper321

    40 sedan bridge forum

    Other than the expense of some cables, nothing. You would just need to size the inverter/battery properly and make sure it can provide the peak power that you need and the longevity you would want. Just bought one of those things for tailgating so that I didn't have to buy another toy with a...
  17. scooper321

    Water in Westerbeke Gen Oil

    Well, we can't rule out user error on my part, either. Getting the pressure tester seated and sealed on the gen wasn't easy. So it's possible the leak was with the testing, not the system. I couldn't get the tester back on after I removed it, to re-test. It just wouldn't go on and allow me...
  18. scooper321

    40 sedan bridge forum

  19. scooper321

    Water in Westerbeke Gen Oil

    Got the oil sample back from Blackstone. Looks like it may be seawater after all? Getting the gen in for service next week.
  20. scooper321

    Official Cummins 6cta 450C thread

    Didn't you have them put in a zippered door?