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    New boat prices

    I know Blue is not an Amazon fan, but here you go....this is for 2.... Bennett
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    Thoughts on a 44 DA

    Where is it coming from? I am not sure of Cummins Service in our area. I know there is a Cummins South Dealer in Gainesville, but not sure how up to speed they are on marine engines. What you have on your side of ATL, I am not sure. A Cummins engine survey will be invaluable. The QSCs are...
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    Hey Y’all

    Beautiful boat and Go DAWGS!! Bennett
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    Sundancer How long is too long

    Having owned a 420DA and a 44DB, both cruised in the 20 knot range at ~80% of WOT. Both with Cummins diesels. Bennett
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    2007 - 2009 310DA NEED COCKPIT COVER

    Your best bet is to get your local upholstery guy to make you one custom. Had one made for a 420DA 3 years ago for $1800 out of Sunbrella. Best money I ever spent. Bennett
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    380 salon/cabin flooring

    Plenty of plywood made in the US from Fir, Hemlock, and good old Southern Pine. Bennett
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    380 salon/cabin flooring

    I was certainly not meaning to correct you or anyone else. Just saying that if someone was looking for a full 1/2" or 3/4," it would be something less. The thickness dimension above is even less than 15/32, but there is a tolerance allowance.. Another one of those things that is advertised...
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    Help me identify these transducers - 340 Da

    I pulled one in our 2003 420DA with the boat in the water. The older models do not have a flapper. There are basic sizes. Not sure what they are, but the one for speed and temp is smaller in diameter than the one for depth. Speed and temp was up near the bulkhead at the front of the ER and...
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    380 salon/cabin flooring

    Not sure where you can find Marine grade plywood, but for sure not a Lowes or HD. 1/2" is not manufactured in the US anymore, it is 15/32" these days and 3/4" is 23/32". "A" means an A-grade face-no knots or voids, C means a C-grade back with knots and knotholes up to 1.5", and the X means...
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    2008 - 47 Sedan Bridge - Fresh water system plumbing

    Normally, the leak is from the brass crimp... 1/2" pex fittings will work. The only issue is the barb fits loosely in the blue/red SeaTech hose. To work around this issue, regular SS hose fittings will work if you heat the hose as you tighten it down. ttmott went this direction. I did...
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    2000 - 2003 480DB (or any SR boat in these years) with Cummins QSM11 Engines

    I may be completely off base here, but I think Smartcraft and Diesel View came on line late in 2003. Our 2003 420DA with 6CTAs did not have it. Bennett
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    Springtime shine 2024

    +1 Bennett
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    Replacement Christmas Tree Clips

    With slightly warped starboard/UHMW, I have used a little heat from a hair dryer or heat gun to get the warp out. If you are sure you have the christmas tree clips, simply pry or pull the part off......just make sure they are not screws.... Bennett
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    Water line leak

    Here is the original thread: In the 44DB, these drips/leaks will lead to water in the stringers as well. Fortunately there is no wood in them so it does no real damage other than to weigh the boat down. In another...
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    Water line leak

    The conical shaped washers can be had at freshwater I believe. I started with that fix only to find compression clamps were where the leak was. I used pex fittings. The problem comes in that the barb portion of the fitting is a quite a bit smaller than the ID of the hose. Just...
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    Buying Advice 2006 Sundancer260

    What looks like a windlass in the pic, is what is called a hawse I think. It is simply like a short pipe that you feed the rope/chain into in order to deposit it in the anchor locker. The 260s of that era did not come standard with a windlass. I say this because I had the same model and year...
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    Lake Erie to Benicia CA Chris Holmes will take care of you and you will not be disappointed. Bennett
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    Central Vacuum Help

    Look under the cabin steps. Mine was there. Bennett
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    Add EZ-Oil valves to 3126 Coolant J-Pipe

    Dave I put the fumoto's on truck oil pan as wells as the transmissions on the 420DA at Dennis' recommendation. On the boat, I attached hoses to them so all I had to do was to open the little valve and drop the end of the hose in a container. That was the of "trying to prevent a mess." It also...
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    340 Amberjack replacement carpeting

    I have done this to HD and buy a roll of the heaviest(thickest mil) they have. Grab two sharpie markers and some painters tape as well. Using the plastic, make your own templates. Cut the pieces out and Corinthian will make them identical to what you send them. Pull the snaps out...