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    CBD--anyone use it? Does it help?

    GFs mom uses it to manage back pain, my sister uses it to help with high blood pressure. I eat gummies on occasion to manage, life... :cool: I have gotten pretty good at managing recurring joint pain using a tens unit, trigger pressure with a lacrosse ball, stretching, etc.
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    New to the Westerbeke diesel generator - is this as loud as it should be?

    Thanks @PlayDate. Shower Power bypassed the relay and said the generator fired right up, glow plugs did their job. I am guessing they did what you suggest as well, but that is a guess. They did not not have a replacement on the truck, so I am looking to do this one myself.
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    New to the Westerbeke diesel generator - is this as loud as it should be?

    No worries, I don't expect you to offer more :) I will go with 12 I actually cannot find "Glow Plug Relay" anywhere. I do see this: "PREHEAT: The PREHEAT toggle switch serves two purposes: preheating the engine for easy starting and bypassing the engine oil pressure switch. The PREHEAT...
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    New to the Westerbeke diesel generator - is this as loud as it should be?

    Thanks, mine is a 7.6, and I did look at the manual before my post. I don't know what I am looking for though:'s manual/40457_rev2_7.6btd_operator_man.pdf I searched for "vdc" and got 2 hits "12 vdc" in a flow diagram, not sure if that confirms mine is 12...
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    New to the Westerbeke diesel generator - is this as loud as it should be?

    The parts place I contacted is asking me if it's 12 VDC or 24 VDC. How can I check this, ideally not being on the boat so I can order the part ahead of time, and take it with me next time I go to the boat. I think it's 12, if it was Amazon I'd order both and return 1 ;-) but it's not.
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    New to the Westerbeke diesel generator - is this as loud as it should be?

    Starting issue is the Glow Plug Relay, needs to be replaced.
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    So, lets talk weather....

    WS on the boat, 70° outside, supposed to be 80 tomorrow
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    The website Ignore feature is your friend

    It's funny hearing all these bar of soap stories, I really thought it was just me. I remember when she would ask me how I learned to cuss like that, I didn't want to throw my dad under the bus.
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    Boat owners and Marina Worst nightmare.

    @Joint Custody I am sure you know this, check your boat out thoroughly. I was under contract to purchase a boat a few years ago, at the last minute I ran a boat check history report on it, something felt off so I checked. The report came back stating the boat had been involved in a fire. I...
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    Emily recently helped me select a new VHF, she knows her stuff!
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    The website Ignore feature is your friend

    For those on my Ignore list, this is not being posted for you. Having used this feature for a week or so now, I love it. It's made this site enjoyable for me again. For those thinking about doing it, do it. It's strange at first, you will get used to it though. I ate many a bar of soap as a...
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    Book recommendation thread

    I've been reading books by Freida McFadden, I like them.
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    Lets talk about duck poop

    There's a marina in Williamsburg Virginia on the James River, the name escapes me. When you pull in there to get fuel you can't even walk on the dock because of all the duck shit.
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    Big decision made today

    More from the mortgage broker I've been talking to: "Credit score is one of the factors included in LLPA’s but there are other loan characteristics that are part of LLPA’s including occupancy, down payment, etc. In May, the LLPA grid was restructured by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to increase...
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    Book recommendation thread

    Good timing for someone to revitalize his thread, I'm getting bored with the books I've been reading lately.
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    Seeing derelict boats bums me out.

    Yeah, sadly this is pretty common. I've been at my current marina almost 2 years. Most of the boats have never moved, nor have I ever seen anyone on them. The boats are covered in bird poop, spiders/poop, etc. "Back in the day" of wooden boats they would take the ones who were not paying their...
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    Official 380 Thread

    Someone on CSR replaced theirs with chrome ones; I can't recall who though.
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    Poor mans version of a Perko Sea Strainer Cap for winterizing

    Me: Where I got the idea: