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  1. Njlarry

    40 sedan bridge forum

    With cat 3126s my boat is overproped, wot 2600 on a good day vs 2800 spec.
  2. Njlarry

    Winterizing macerator pump

    Not sure I even spelt it right but how to winterize a macerator pump? Seems like you gotta pump antifreeze thru it from the holding tank.
  3. Njlarry

    starter or solenoid?

    Trying to follow this. Where is the stater jumper switch connected? A pic would be great.
  4. Njlarry

    Carling switch removal tool?

    Anyone know how the tool is used? I have one and cant even tell what side of the panel it is used on.
  5. Njlarry

    Gray water pump cycles a lot !

    Same boat same problem. Replaced check valve 2 years ago and problem solved.
  6. Njlarry

    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    How many gallons of antifreeze are you guys running thru your raw water cooling side to winterize? I use 7 gal per engine. Also drain raw water out of trans cooler and vacuum out the strainer before adding the AF.
  7. Njlarry

    CSR has become almost unusable for me

    The top half of my tablet screen is all banner and ads, the bottom quarter is all ads. That leaves just a narrow slit to see the forum. Could the sites greed kill the site? Looking for an alternative. Facebook?
  8. Njlarry

    Prop help

    Has anyone tried the Mente controler? It looks super easy to install over the Bennet system.
  9. Njlarry

    40 sedan bridge forum

    It looked to me like the top track was not removeable and held the sliding glass panel in also. I was able to remove it by removing the stainless threshold and wood piece under it on the inside. Ordered the m shaped spring shaped rollers and hope to put back together this week. Will look closer...
  10. Njlarry

    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    Thank you for posting the videos. Definetly two of his best. Most of his videos I have to look at his ugly mug yaping into a mic while not understanding anything. These vids made the job clear but over my level and needs many special tools.
  11. Njlarry

    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    Ok, Frank has confinced me to change from T 1 single wt to T 4 multi this year. Does anyone understand 1. The difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke diesel oil and 2. Is Rotella T 4 low parafin? Could not find much info on the Shell site.
  12. Njlarry

    40 sedan bridge forum

    20 sec seems about right. Since we switched to Boaters Mate No Flex aka Carters Powder no problems in three seasons. Search here for Carters recipe.
  13. Njlarry

    Best source for raw water system antifreeze?

    Anyone find the best source for raw water antifreeze? That stuff has tripled in price over the past 8 years. I use about 15 gals every fall.
  14. Njlarry

    40 sedan bridge forum

    Anyone know now to remove the sliding screen saloon door can be removed to replace the rollers? I have run a search but no luck. Looks like the fixed glass panel might have to be removed?
  15. Njlarry

    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    Anyone know the difference between CAT 365 8395 50/50 elc and 238 8648 elc pre mix. Both are elc and both are to be used without dilution.
  16. Njlarry

    NJ Statewide plastic bag ban

    If anyone objects to plastic bags they are free to not use them. Please dont force your beliefs on others. Much of the products we voluntarily buy are packaged in layers of plastic do how is a bag gonna make any difference? I recycle all bags for re use. In NJ his royal highness also made...
  17. Njlarry

    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    Is that 2200 rpm in neutral or under load at cruise? Pros will want to know as fuel/engine issues vs prop/load issue.
  18. Njlarry

    GHS Hydraulic Swim Platform Oil Servicing

    Needed channel lock pliers to loosen mine but be careful the cap is just a light weight plastic.
  19. Njlarry

    40 sedan bridge forum

    What was he saying about pinning 1 vs 6?.
  20. Njlarry

    40 sedan bridge forum

    I wish we could share the tools and your brother in law!