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  1. Shaps

    Marina was sold we had to leave.

    I think he meant that with radiant heat, once you spend the $$ getting the thermal mass (slab in this case) up to temperature, the additional dollars to keep the slab at that temp is small. Radiant floor heat is pretty effective.
  2. Shaps

    Newbie - pods are scary?

    And in either case, the pods can take it.
  3. Shaps

    Newbie - pods are scary?

    May have been true at one point but not the case now
  4. Shaps

    Newbie - pods are scary?

    The drives are certainly stout enough. Full stop. @Aml327 on here has HH drives that have been upgraded to effectively JH pods.I can't answer for all pods out there obviously. And yes, as they go up the alphabet they are newer versions.
  5. Shaps

    Newbie - pods are scary?

    Of course the pods are moving during docking when you are using the joystick. Other than that, they are just operating like an outdrive, for lack of a better description. In terms of percentage of time using the joystick vs run hours. I would say it's less than 1%, maybe even 0.5%.
  6. Shaps

    Newbie - pods are scary?

    HI Steven, I would look at JH pods and above. I would also think most of the pods out there have had the required upgrades done but this document may help give a guide for what serial number ranges we are talking about.
  7. Shaps

    Newbie - pods are scary?

    Insurance didn't cover his damage?
  8. Shaps

    Newbie - pods are scary?

    Apologies to the OP for the slight hijack. You make a valid point on wanting a qualified mechanic reasonable nearby. That said , people make choices for all kinds of reasons. I have first hand knowledge of zeus pods with a reasonable understanding of their inner workings. Not I heard from a...
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    Newbie - pods are scary?

    Pods have been around for approximately 15 years now and more and more people are capable of servicing them. @Steven746 where do you boat?
  10. Shaps

    Newbie - pods are scary?

    I'm on long Island, and have choices of people to service my pods. Don't buy into the hysteria. Buddy of mine has a 2013 58 sundancer, beautiful boat with twin man 900s. There is a MAN mechanic that comes up from virginia to do all the Man service evidently. Would you recommend to him not...
  11. Shaps

    Newbie - pods are scary?

    Pods are not scary. Pods have their place in the boating world. You need to treat Pods like any other mechanical system on your vessel. They offer superior performance, control and fuel consumption. imho, more control than the same boat with shafts and thrusters. With those benefits comes...
  12. Shaps

    Samsung 50 inch 8000 series will not turn on?

    I completely agree.
  13. Shaps

    Samsung 50 inch 8000 series will not turn on?

    @ttmott Tom, you knew the answer before you wrote this. Good for you for trying but as you said that $100 would be a waste. imho, TVs have basically become disposable. Get the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles (and a warranty) and drive on..
  14. Shaps

    Boat Covers

    I'm sorry, but I can't sit here and not respond. Not that @Lazy Daze needs any assistance but he's a longstanding member who in his 18000+ posts includes a ton of helpful information. You @Dxdave join a forum, ask some questions, get an answer I guess you found less than helpful and crap...
  15. Shaps

    Champagne problems

    With no bow rails and reported 8'-10' seas, I don't think anyone was brave (crazy) enough to try and manually release the anchor.
  16. Shaps

    dirty intake screen on ac unit 370 Sea Ray Sundancer

    I use bromine for just those reasons. Much less corrosive and equally effective. Chlorine tabs definitely eat the strainer baskets... trust me
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    Mystery antenna x 2

    Looks like it could be satellite radio/Sirius xm
  18. Shaps

    Damaged running gear

    Have you sanity checked their prices? Perhaps post it here to allow those in the know to opine on them?
  19. Shaps

    Bottom Paint
  20. Shaps

    Bottom Paint

    I use the exact same bottom paint. I get about 2 seasons out of it before I need another coat. That's approximately 75-80 hours of run time per season for me.