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    New Member, Old Boat.

    Congrats. I love the color!

    SSL Certificate Error

    Very true. The most common successful exploits are typically a case where a username and password from one site is the same as many of the others for an individual. A site's identity database, on a site no where near as secure as your bank, is breached and then the attacker tests the username...

    Mercury Marine Active Trim

    Does anyone with outdrives currently have Active Trim? I am thinking about adding it. I spoke to the Mercury Marine guys at the Miami Boat Show this past weekend and they didn't have any expertise on the product. The guy that did know had left hours before I got to their booth. ;) I happened...

    SSL Certificate Error

    Lots of good points. The most basic drivers of https vs. http is that browsers like Chrome are moving to only https and to get everyone to hurry up and update they are making it more of a hassle for the people that want to see a website that is only http. They do this by trying to scare those...

    SSL Certificate Error

    The site requires an ssl certificate. This will result in most browsers reporting that this forum is not secure. This is a very easy thing to setup. It is also free to get a website certificate. This not-for-profit will provide an https certificate for free. This is a trusted organization...

    Sundancer 350 Coupe Generator Hatch

    Whoa. Slow down there. ;) Lots of good stuff in that post. For starters, there's a parts manual?!? Is there possibly an online parts manual with exploded diagrams (wishing). How did you figure there are some in stock with Sea Ray? Is there a resource where that can be checked...

    Sundancer 350 Coupe Generator Hatch

    Does anyone have a late model Sundancer 350 Coupe that the would be kind enough to take some photos of the open generator hatch. Specifically the spring or device that holds the hatch open. The previous owner of my 2019 decided it was not necessary and removed it and I would like to replace...

    350 Sundancer Coupe Electrical

    Hey Tom! Did you ever figure this out?

    Sundancer 350 Coupe Canvas For Sale (Used)

    Here are more photos. Enjoy!
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    Sundancer 350 Coupe Canvas For Sale (Used)

    I recently bought a 2019 Sundancer Coupe with two sets of canvas and am selling the used set. The canvas is in great shape. The Isinglass is in excellent shape with some yellowing along the seams (see photos). The canvas itself is in fantastic shape. There are two snaps that have pulled...
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    Lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

    Lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
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    I thought this guy had a great video on a happy head:
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    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    You guys know they have websites that are free on the interwebs for this. Not complaining or anything. Seriously not. :P
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    GM's new electric pontoon boat, really?

    I think this is intended for smaller lakes. I grew up on a lake that was about 5 miles long and everything was electric and that was 40 years ago. This is a pretty modern-looking new option to the electric pontoon boats that haven't changed in a half century.