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  • SRTech, A 7.4 w/ BIII SeaRay 230 BR Signature 1998 w/ 250 hours.
    On shore w/ water muffs trim down no noise from leg yet increase rpm to 1200 and turn steering I hear a rattle noise. New ujoints, nothing wrong with old but replaced on spec. Any ideas?
    Email me at dave.jamieson@sympatico.ca pls

    Hello SR tech, I just wanted to ask you if I should use the life caulk on the transom outside gimble housing oring seal #65533a? I know you said to use it on the bolts but I wasn't sure about the gasket. Thanks again!
    Thanks for the info. Is 460 hrs the maximum life of this motor? Now I'm concerned the other engine will need to be replaced soon. Any idea of what a new engine installed should cost. I'm in northern New York.
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