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    Cockpit table

    Sorry, Sold It was replaced with a custom table Rich
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    Official 320 Dancer Thread

    I've done mine with 1 Gallon but it's tight. If I remember I skimped at the end and may have thinned remaining paint to complete job. My exhaust, rudders, prop shafts and trim tabs are all painted which adds to my usuage. I have always used Petit Hydrocote black, and have been very happy. The...
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    Help with upholstery

    KevinC thank you very much for the detailed response to my question! I may reach out to you Presently I'm just trying to add piping in my cockpit seats only ( backs are fine) Don't even know if I can do it!! I do have a sailrite machine haven't taken off the vinyl yet but what causes it to have...
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    Help with upholstery

    I have a 2005 320 Sundancer, can anyone help with upholstery manufacturer and color? My seams are breaking down on my cockpit cushions and I was looking in to redo with a vinyl piping to match ??? Some older Sundancers have used this piping and it appears the seams hold up much better. Anyone...
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    Cockpit table

    Cockpit table from a 2005 320 Sundancer, excellent condition. Pick up or meet Baltimore/ DC area $100.00 Call/text Rich 240 381 3903
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    4.3 MPI Cold Engine Start Issue

    Don't want to hijack this thread, but I have similar slow starting issues on my 05, 320 MAG MIE Horizon -- Just checked my Mercruiser manual and I don't see the above starting procedure. Please help as to where this is located Thanks Rich
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    Official 320 Dancer Thread

    I have replaced my fuel senders with KUS and I am very happy. The starboard tank uses a 21" length, the port takes a 20" sensor. For ease of installation I cut a 6" hole in base of port side lounger just above fuel sensor and made a hatch removable access door for future work. The job is quick...
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    Official 320 Dancer Thread

    Does anyone know the color and manufacturer of the vinyl used on the cockpit seats? looking to purchase matching vinyl piping to repair seam splits Thank you
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    Raymarine E80

    Installed new electronics and looking to sell functional E80 with Navionics east card. Bezel and dust cover in excellent condition along with working unit. No cables Text Rich at 240- 381-3903 Looking for $250.00 plus shipping if we cannot meet
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    Starting Problem

    Was that part # 8M0156229? Anyone know what that does?
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    Sea Ray 340 Dash Module Switch Starboard Side 1810626

    I have both switch pads and EIM’s for sale. I replaced the entire system with Flounder Pounders. I believe the port switch pad was going bad. The port side had no power to any function but if I tapped it, power would come on and all would be fine. Sometimes it worked perfectly. These came from a...
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    Fuel pump replacement

    Does anyone know if both fuel pumps can be replaced in a cool fuel 3 module without removing the module from the engine. This is the port engine on a 320 with 350 mag horizons 2005 Thanks Rich
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    Official 320 Dancer Thread

    I have a complete set of Black canvas for a 2005 320 ( same as 2003) if interested. Check my post in classified for pictures and contact info Rich
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    Official 320 Dancer Thread

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    320 Sundancer complete set canvas

    Still for sale if anyone is interested!