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    65 ft. MY sinking near South Bass?

    Can you imagine what that thing smells like inside? Filled 2/3rds full of lake water, drained and closed up, then put ashore to bake in the sun. :eek:
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    Fuel issues

    100%. I've learned what filter NOT to buy.
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    Uneven fuel consumption Port vs Starboard

    Valid yes, but a good practice? I’m not a fan of overloading engines or recommending that as a regular practice. One would have to assume the props are matched in pitch and condition AND that the tachs are spot-on. Those are big assumptions in many boats, particularly if they’re old enough...
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    Uneven fuel consumption Port vs Starboard

    It sounds like you’re conflating an Engine Control Unit with a synchronizer. They’re not synonymous. I’m not wild about the diesel test either. Overloading your engines one at a time to see what happens is still dependent on accurate tachometers and may yield very little additional info over...
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    Lake Saint Clair Peeps

    What about Powers? (he’s even in the 400DA club now)
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    410 Sundancer/Express Cruiser and 400 Sundancer/Express Cruiser **Official Thread**

    I know the feeling - TRUST me. I 'rasteled and pulled and fought that post more times than I can to admit before I realized that if it's being stubborn, just pound on the top side of it with your fist from each direction and it'll come right out.
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    410 Sundancer/Express Cruiser and 400 Sundancer/Express Cruiser **Official Thread**

    Yep - that's where the 5-footed base goes. It straddles that little bulkhead behind the drawers face-up. In the space on the stbd side of the drawers there's a circle cut-out for the post, and halfway up a strap to hold it in-place. The table top of course just slides into the track under the...
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    What is the Best oil and weight combination for Mercriser 350 V8

    Cabela's has a sale on Merc 25W-40 Synthetic Blend - free shipping.
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    Bone Head moment.

    I'm guilty of committing at least some version of 75% of these admissions... There was an incident that I still claim foul on though. When the 280 was in Miami, we weren't allowed to have a garboard plug in while racked. (folks would let their boats fill with rainwater to the point that...
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    Last minute fees

    My only complaint about Craft in Sandusky is that their hours suck and they don’t offer referral bonuses. (If they did, I’d have a free season by now) They treat me like family.
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    Stock refrigerator for 1997 400 Diesel Sundancer

    For the most part, your port bank powers external/cockpit circuits and the starboard bank handles cabin/“house” loads. I like it that way and have found it to be highly functional. If you do happen to exhaust the house bank, safety items such as GPS, VHF and nav lights are still operational...
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    1997 400 holding tank.

    They listed the 400DA as having 28 gallons of holding. It was a mis-print.
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    Miami River Cruise

    I'm assuming you meant South Beach... The charter outfits frequently operate as brokers. You could call them and ask for a Sea Ray out of Miami Beach Marina, which is a 5 minute Uber ride and actually walkable from Art Deco district on Ocean Dr.
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    Miami River Cruise

    Yes, there are tons of charters available in the area. (do your due diligence though - nearly of them conflate LOA with model names, so that "51 Foot SeaRay yacht" is probably a 460DA) Another note: the Miami River is fine, but there are many better attractions in the Biscayne Bay area, so I...
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    410 Sundancer/Express Cruiser and 400 Sundancer/Express Cruiser **Official Thread**

    Both measures have been used, but as long as the poster mentions the measure used, conversion is simple and valid.