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  • Hey rcknecht ,what do you think about those hi-teck exhaust manifolds . I have found out that you need to keep a film of oil on them as I have been cleaning the rust off mine . blackbeard
    Great if you ever need a trans we will gladly take extra good care of you.The govenors cut lighthouse side of tices or towards Toms River ? Theres another place we go called mystery cove just past double creek half way before causeway bridge.I have 3 cousins that live in Toms River 1 just off Fisher blvd , another behind Holiday inn on 37, another between Community Hosp and BJ's.I used to work for AAmco on 37,Gilbraltor transmissions, and Lee Myles in Pine Beach and Brick.Myers hole is nice cool cleaner water. I will be down this weekend installing new holding tank, sea water pumps,start buff and waxing gonna try buff magic and pro polish,collinite is my favorite so far but heard good things about shur hold products
    Hey thanks for the friend request .We dock at key Harbor been there for years,I see you visit Camelback we lived up here for 15 years and we never skied once.Grew up in Forked River got Married in Waretown .We have been keeping a boat at Key since 2002 it's a haul everyone thinks were nuts for driving that far but I love Barnegat Bay,I guess just comfortable because we know it so well .We have Lake Wallenpaupack here its big used to go on it alot when I trailered a 19 ft bow rider then 2 trips to ole Barney and we were hooked bought new 27 ft Bayliner in 2001 .But i love my Sea Ray.Maybe we'll bump into one another at tices or thinking of going on the A.C trip.If i could ever be of any help just drop a pm the people here at CSR
    are really great.
    Hi Rod,
    nice pictures you have. Thanks for the help with the bracket. We are now in contact with Matt. He will send us a picture of the bracket. Hope it is what we are looking for. We are new in boating and we are not sure if the bracket will fit. As we live in British Columbia Canada we would like to make sure it is the right one.
    Thanks again and happy boating, Jenny
    you know i just noticed this visitors message area and never got you other one also . we have stayed at south winds marina over night , we went to see the light parade , had a nice time , and we have a girl 16 ,. now that i know this is here i will look from now on , by the way my name is otto , we are new this year with our boat , and learning every day and loving it my email is fallenone192@gmail
    hi just got your message , i was there saturday also i f i had know i would have meet you , well thanks for this invite let me know if your going next week , thanks
    just thought i would say hi , noticed your from the barnegat bay area , we have a 30 ft sea ray and go to tices alot
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