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  • Hi Kreole Kid.... I tried to search for any posts you made regarding the LED lights that you added to the cockpit of your 340 and could not find anything.

    I want to do something similar on my boat. I have the LED kits (costco had a good deal). I am trying to find the best way to power them. They are 120V with a 12V adapter. What style lights did you use? Did you tie them directly to the 12V system?

    I'm hoping to use the unused accessory switches in the dash. Did you do this, or attempt to?

    Thanks for any thoughts/tips/ideas. Or if you posted your process somewhere, could you direct me to that?
    Looked at the pics on your profile. I am hooked on the LEDs. Did you say you did them yourself or someone else?? I want some just like that. Fine job. You must hook me up with some details.
    Yeah, thanks for asking B.
    The grill was already mounted when i purchased the boat. it's mounted with 2 smaller mounts. vs just 1. so it's very solid and has never been removed. (even while running hard in rough seas) location is perfect and does not interfere with boarding.

    BTW I hv family in Baton Rouge
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