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  • Sorry for the delay. Ours is still buried next to the house and will be digging in to get the canvas out in the next day or so.
    I will pull that starboard and get you dimensions.
    When I made it I used a piece of cardboard to make a template.
    Took a bit of fitting but works well.
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    Can you repost your pictures of the transom repair? They have disappears and would be hugely beneficial!
    Hi I've been looking at your posts and pictures on the rehab of your boat and looks like you've done a great job, the transom/bilge area looks amazing? I was wondering if, off the top of your head, you remember the dimensions of the starboard you used on the head floor. I'm really interested in doing the same thing but the trouble is my boat is still buried 10 deep in MN storage, and I can't measure the floor. I'd like to buy the starboard so I can dig into the project right away. I'm thinking 16"x24" should be large enough so I can cut it down to fit it properly. Thanks so much for your time and for posting all that you have.


    p.s. I tried to send you a private message but your inbox is full
    I just bought a boat in MD and I think im going to have some of the same problems. Do you enjoy your 270 or wish now that you had something bigger?
    Hey KC Do you have pictures of your boat anywhere? I recently picked up a 1984 270DA with the same engines and was wondering if youve done any mods to the boat that made you happy?
    Thanks William
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