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    Finally... My First Boat !

    Nice boat
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    268DA and Weekenders

    Got pics?
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    Summer is over.

    Cool day in Phoenix today it's only 100 at noon
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    Help ID this utility boat.

    Border patrol boat?
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    find the boat?

    If I pull on that black cord , will she talk ?
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    89 268

    Nice !
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    acquired 1988 26.7 searay.

    Good luck
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    Just Added To My Fleet

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    1989 SR268 sundancer

    Nice boats
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    268 upholstery

    I like the way Sea Ray did it
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    Pic of our new boat thru Panama Canal today - real time

    I bet it's the one in the middle on the bow
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    1988 Sundancer 268 - Dinette Table Removal!

    .............. Same here
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    Hey, that's me in the picture!

    Re: Hey Wayne, that's me in the picture! I just got passed by a scooter in New Mexico , I think it was Wayne , I just can't catch him