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    Engine, drive oil question

    Been there, done that. I check the condition of the engine oil and if it still looks golden I don't change it. However, being in a northern climate I ALWAYS run out an ounce of outdrive oil to check for water. Then put an ounce back in. If it still looks good, no need to change it. Seals...
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    Impacted something under water

    That;s what my dealer's mechanic said. He "thought" the shaft was OK. Couldn't feel or hear any vibrations, nevertheless when the head bolts started to vibrate loose we KNEW the shaft was bent. The money spent up front was well wasted. If I was smart I would have had the shaft removed in...
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    More people out on the water just seem to be mad!

    Americans have the freedoms that everyone else in the world longs for. Our govt. attack on these freedoms due to covid has turned everyone into lunatics. The attitude is that I'm going to do as I please now. Driving faster like morons to get somewhere in record time, abusing the rights of...
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    More people out on the water just seem to be mad!

    Back in the 1960's when I first got a boat of my own, I took the "course". I learned a lot, but then again I'm respectful to others, and of course Grandpa taught me all I needed back in the 1950's. Later on, wife and kids and they all took the course as well. The surge came in the 1980's...
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    Snaps for Cover

    I have a "tool" that I bought 50 years ago. It requires a hammer and an's not a hand squeeze tool. I buy snaps from a reputable supplier, not ebay. If a snap comes out and the hole is intact, no problemo. If the hole is ripped, the wife sews a small patch on the back, I drill a...
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    Tounge weight Sport 200

    Conservative boaters would suggest a 460# tongue weight for your rig. A more "practical" approach would be 322#, which would work in most cases. Assuming yours is a tandem trailer you might even be able to go as low as 230#. In truth, it can be a trial and error proposition. Dimensions of...
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    Tounge weight Sport 200

    I personally run 7% with a single axle and 5% with a tandem. But than again I don't go above 65 mph. Surely moving a boat forward or aft can change the weight. But weight is weight. No matter where the boat is. Another option is moving the axle. My current boat had the wrong distribution...
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    Newbie here - question about seating in a Sea Ray 200

    I've been in brand new boats with pedestal captain's chairs and found them to be unsatisfactory because of poor stability. My wife simply hates them. My current SPX has raised bases like you described, with a swivel captain chair on top at the helm. The passenger seat is a bunk, but a bucket...
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    Warranty Work help

    If it's a warranty issue, the diagnostics are free. If not, I would ask why it's not under warranty. Warranty covers a certain time period. Has that been exceeded?
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    Warranty Work help

    Google Marine Max reviews...
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    Electric tow vehicle

    They tow just fine.......LOL. The old adage for us old outboarders was: " If you want to get there real fast, buy a Mercury. If you want to get back, buy an Evinrude". Electric cars have an awesome towing capacity. But if you want to use one, you better have a launch ramp 3 miles from the house.
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    Official 19SPX/21SPX/SPX190/SPX210 Thread

    SeaDek is an option for SPXs. They must have the pattern because they supply the parts. Contact them.
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    Official 19SPX/21SPX/SPX190/SPX210 Thread

    In my old age I have gotten lazy. Since there is good battery access, and with the SPX garage kept, I now leave the battery in all winter. My regimen is to charge the battery on the first day of each month. I typically lose 10-15% of charge, and that's on a 5 year old battery. I use a smart...
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    selling boat with lien

    Pay the lien provide the buyer with a clean title. If anyone buys your boat without that paperwork, they are an idiot.
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    Prop advice..too much data!

    When my boat was new I did my own performance curve and plotted it on excel. In other words, GPS speed vs rpm. I do it every year to see if anything needs my attention. It never has. My last boat had the original prop when I sold it after 35 years. If you suspect a prop is slipping, mark...