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    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    When you are all finished dreaming, I will take them all and give them a good home to keep them safe from you perverts. :)
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    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    Use you imagination.
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    Funny Shit

    I just thought of another one ... cigarettes!! ... This can go to the top of the list ahead of Fat Arses!!
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    Funny Shit

    This could be a new thread in 2024?? Top-3 Major Turnoffs in 2023 (In that order) 01. Fat Arses 02. Tats 03. Duck Lips
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    Crack in Cabin Entry Door

    Need pics of damage.
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    Joke Thread.. post 'em if you got 'em

    Is this somebody's version of the "Bikini Tread"??
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    Burgee and T-Shirt

    When I was Platinum for several years, I always got my shirt & burgee. After I got stiffed 2 years in a row, I decided to no longer support the site. This was after several attempts to contact Jim. No worries ... not the end of the world!!
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    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    Ya, and what about camel toe?
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    Opinions please!

    New rubber impeller in a dry pump housing will be very difficult to turn by hand.
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    Storing spare props on board.

    Some pics of your prop storage solutions would be beneficial to all. :)
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    Entering Canada (Toronto Harbor) from United States CBP ROAM app

    The DTOPS sticker is a USA cash grab. Other than that, it serves no real purpose. I think that it is for air craft as well.
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    Funny Shit

    Yet another use of "Gorilla" tape!!
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    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    No zoom required. It is a talent that bind people have.