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    8.1 v drv. alarm coming off plan.

    My 340Da when slowing down to an idle from plane will throw an alarm and go into limp mode. Oil pressure is good when this happens. If you slow down below 1k rpm for a few seconds it will be fine. I'm thinking oil pressure switch not oil sender switch is the problem.
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    It`s called the Tiki Bar.... what is your signature drink?

    A real margarita no premade crap or a Kentucky Mule.
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    Fox marine gateway.

    My 2001 340 has 8.1s horizons what ECM is being used . Would like to install a Gateway system in it.
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    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    Balloon award for the week.
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    New Site Update - Report problems here

    Miss have the forum button to get back to the main page
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    Pimp my ride, I mean boat.

    Last summer we moved up to a 2001 340 our 310 was easy to see things that we changed the. 340 not so much. Started with the electronic Garmin 1042xsv with radar.
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    Generators and raft ups

    I would think you are responsible for everyone around you if an accident would happen. You can't be sure someone else wouldn't be affected by you running your generator.
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    Light to play cards in the cockpit

    Amish know more about battery operated lighting then you think.
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    Unfortunately my 4 blades showed up the after my 3 blades were done so they 4 blade prop wont be used until next season.
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    Did you just increase the size of the trim board or did you replace the whole system.
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    Cleaning the "mascara" marks off fiberglass.

    The Air this summer with all the Canadian forest fires might have something to do with it.
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    Storing spare props on board.

    So the prop shop was able the fix my damaged prop and I went ahead and bought a set of 4 blades . What's the best store them on board.
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    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    The poses that some of these made up fake looking women do make me wonder who's saying do this it's hot.
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    Depends who you talk to but yes they will help with lower rpm for planning speeds and increase speed at a lower rpm plus help give you more thrust when docking. How much of a difference I doubt if it's huge but over time it will be a savings.
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    Bought them from Deep Blue Yacht Supplies for $3,200.00.