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New Profile Posts

    Does anyone know where to buy a table for my cockpit that isn't flush with the floor for my sea ray 390 MY?
  2. Jollyrgr
    Jollyrgr Michael Striplin
    Hey I saw your post last year tha you had someone recreate all you decals, your boat looks amazing like it was new. Any chance you are still in touch with the guy would did them, I live in Long Island ny so I don’t think he’s going to come here..lol
  3. Raynard
    Raynard Nauti-Kal
    Nauti-Kal, it appears my for sale posting has been hi-jacked. Talk to me if still interested. You can’t be so far that we couldn’t meet somewhere. I just want to get it to someone who can use it, not store it forever.
  4. SeaKayRay83
    My First sea vessel, a nautical beginner!
  5. Homewrecker1
    is there anyway to tell by serial numbers of "soft" block from France in a cat 3126 ?
  6. Slapshotz
    Under contract for 2009 44SB
  7. Scott Williams
    Scott Williams
    Learning every day!
  8. SexSea Bermuda
    SexSea Bermuda Four Suns
    analog gauges not working they will come on half-hour to 40min after cruising both side has anyone encountered this problem before?
  9. SexSea Bermuda
    SexSea Bermuda
    analog gauges not working they will come on half-hour to 40min after cruising both side has anyone encountered this problem before?
  10. Oliver Brickell
    Oliver Brickell
    on the water....
  11. BayDancer
    BayDancer Keith Zibilich
    I am considering a purchase that would involve another party and we may use Ycloser Service. I would like to talk to you about using that service your experience with it.

    Can we chat by Phone?
    Please feel free to call anytime or leave your number and I will call you
    Thanks Ron 443 835 8499
  12. joehagner
    joehagner Kevin C.
    Hey Kevin,
    Joe here out in Toms River NJ. Merry Christmas an Happy New Year to you and the family. Just got my XMAS card form you guys at Cove Marine. Thanks so much! Kevin, I was wondering if you are able to get the zipper set that slides into the tracks on the arch for a 2005 340 SDA? I'm going to be in need this year or next and would like to have them.
    Please let me know what you learn.

  13. trumpetr
    Boatless but looking hard for that 20' bowrider.
  14. Captain Reny
    Captain Reny
    480 Yacht - Hatch ???
  15. Cool Breeze / Lil Breeze
    Cool Breeze / Lil Breeze MonacoMike
    How to remove a 44DA freezer. Appears the drain hose does not allow unit to pull out.
  16. QT1
    Love having shrink wrap on to work on "winter projects"!
  17. david kudley
    david kudley Bt Doctur
    The rev guy is a keeper. Could have explained it better myself
  18. Ryne Paterson
    Ryne Paterson MasterFab
    I see you may have the 4" x 2 7/8" with 3/8" bolt for the se ray bow roller?
  19. Ernie Symes
    Ernie Symes
    Living the dream living on my boat in Australia
  20. Fishpumping
    Fishpumping Jgren
    I have a 2000 29 Amberjack and was curious what the total cost of your conversion was? After I typed this I saw your cost info and it makes the job very doable. Do you have the info for the fabricator, I searched his name , but didn't find any hits.
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